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Sharpton’s hilariously mixing up words again, talks right over Katrina answering what Trump has done for black unemployment

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MSNBC’s Al Sharpton wanted no part of being a platform to spread positive news about the impact President Donald Trump may be having on the black community, quickly shutting down Trump campaign senior adviser Katrina Pierson

In a discussion on reparations — which Sharpton said was “once retroactive,” rather than radioactive — Pierson refused to engage in hypotheticals when asked if Trump would sign a bill if it cleared Congress.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I haven’t asked him about reparations, but to your last point, it’s nearly impossible to even try to come up with the criteria for that.”

This prompted Sharpton to pivot to black employment, detracting from the historic lows now being experienced to say it’s twice the rate of white unemployment.

“What is the president’s plan to directly deal with the disproportionate amount of unemployment of blacks to whites?” he asked.


“One of the policies a lot of people support the president is fighting back against illegal immigration,” Pierson replied. “You and I both know that disproportionately and negatively impacts the black community with regards to jobs, as well as wages.

Sharpton interjected to protested the claim, asking her for supporting data.

“Illegal immigrants are not moving into gated communities or in the politicians’ neighborhoods, they are being re-situated in minority communities,” she countered.

He then asked if she was arguing that illegal immigration is the reason that blacks are almost “doubly unemployed to whites in this country?”

“No, you asked me what was a contributor and what was one of the policies that would help with that and I was trying to explain that to you,” Pierson said.

“I asked you what his plan was to address the fact that even in a good economy, blacks are doubly unemployed to whites. That’s what I asked you,” he reminded her.

Pierson replied, “The problem is it’s not good enough that it’s gone drastically low for you. So let me say once again —”

As she began to answer the question, Sharpton again cut her off and went to fellow panelist David Brock, founder of the hard-left Media Matters and Hillary Clinton’s former hatchet man.

Not to be deterred, Pierson pressed on.

“These are great times,” she said. “You haven’t even discussed the infusion — that this president is having an infusion of capital for minority-owned businesses.”

Sharpton ignored her, giving the floor to Brock.

As the liberal ideologue responded with the expected Democratic talking points about Trump and his supporters being racists, Pierson’s sound was slowly faded to silence.

“The reality is part of his base is attracted to Donald Trump because he’s a racist,” Brock said, to Sharpton’s satisfaction. “So there’s not going to be any plan.”

He went on to say “we’re going to see a groundbreaking democratic primary” with race being a central issue — or business as usual for Democrats.

Tom Tillison


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