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Will Smith is not the right shade of black for his new movie role, according to liberal backlash

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Few things are as perplexing, or as entertaining, than watching the left’s narrative self-implode as they shred one of their own.

The latest victim of liberal backlash over skin color is actor Will Smith – again.

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The African-American star raised the hackles of the social justice community when he dared to appear in Disney trailers as the blue genie in the upcoming live-action Aladdin movie. But Smith’s latest role has him at the center of more reprisals from the left because this time, he is apparently not black enough.

“Will Smith’s Casting as Venus and Serena Williams’ Father Sparks Colorism Backlash,” Indiewire reported after it was announced that the 50-year-old actor and rap singer would be portraying the father of professional tennis stars, Serena and Venus Williams in the upcoming, “King Richard.”

Smith’s role “Sparked A Debate About Colourism,” BuzzFeed declared while and Vanity Fair warned it “May Raise Eyebrows.”

Twitter erupted into cries of “colorism” after Monday’s announcement that Smith would get the leading role in the biopic he will also be producing, according to Newsbusters. Many questioned if there was a shortage of other balck actors who were better for the part.

According to the Media Research Center:

This is all part of lefty Hollywood’s new obsession with “authentic casting,” an ideology that says only a trans person can play a trans character, only a gay person can play a gay character, only an Asian person can play an Asian character, etc. (There’s a word for pretending to be someone they’re not … it’s called acting.)

But I’m sure if we were to object to a trans woman playing a woman, or a gay man playing a straight man, or the casting of the musical “Hamilton,” this would be decried as pure bigotry and hate.


Lost in the fallout from the “colorism” backlash against Smith was the argument for casting based on ability and other factors not connected to skin color and appearance.

But there were plenty of voices on Twitter to mock the social justice warriors and wonder how far the perpetually offended left will go before self-imploding.

Frieda Powers


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