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CNN’s Alisyn Camerota goes head to head with NY Times’ Maggie Haberman’s over defending Trump: ‘That is Absurd!’

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There was no denying CNN’s bias against President Donald Trump when host Alisyn Camerota scoffed at a guest’s defense of the president’s actions as “absurd.”

Camerota wrangled with New York Times‘s Maggie Haberman on “New Day” Tuesday over a report in The Times that alleged Trump sent his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, check payments while on official business. The report included published images of the checks for $35,000.

“What people close to the president said is they are not sure he actually knew what the payments were going toward,” Haberman said. “That he thought he was getting a legal fee to repay Michael Cohen.”

Cohen claimed the $35,000 check he produced during his testimony before Congress was evidence that Trump paid an installment to reimburse the former attorney for hush money he paid to porn star Stormy Daniels to allegedly keep her quiet about an affair with Trump, which the president has repeatedly denied.

“That’s absurd, Maggie,” Camerota replied, dismissing the journalist’s comment. “The part that Donald Trump every month would sign by hand a check —“

“It’s not absurd, I don’t agree,” Haberman shot back.

“$35,000 and to not know?” Camerota pressed.

“This is a man who didn’t even pay his vendors when they completed work for him. This is somebody who doesn’t part with $35,000,” the CNN host claimed.

“I’m just doing this for a theoretical here, let’s say he thought he was reimbursing Michael Cohen for other things that he may not want people to know about. I’m talking specifically about the Stormy Daniels thing. So, no, I disagree that it’s absurd,” Haberman declared.

Camerota conceded that it was an “intriguing” assessment by Haberman who elaborated that “there might have been other things in the realm of things he didn’t want the public to know about.”

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Camerota posited that the checks to Cohen weren’t sent as “an automatic online payment” that Trump may have overlooked, but Haberman didn’t “think that means anything either.”

“He was getting a bunch of bills and signing them. Whether he knew he was reimbursing Michael Cohen for this, only two and maybe a handful of other people at the Trump organization would know,” she continued. “But the two people are Michael Cohen and Donald Trump. Donald Trump actually has not said frankly more recently whether he did or not.”

Haberman did note that Cohen’s testimony was given “under oath and penalty of perjury,” though the embattled former Trump lawyer was sentenced to three years in prison for lying to Congress as well as for tax crimes and tax evasion.

“It’s a mistake to then say and therefore this is the only possibility, this is the only thing it could be there,” Haberman told Camerota.

Cohen was set to report to prison Wednesday but, instead, was on Capitol Hill in a closed-door testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

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