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Montel Williams calls him ‘the token black guy on Fox News’ in ugly Twitter spat, so Dan Bongino buries him

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Conservative commentator Dan Bongino leveled Montel Williams in a social media war of words, ending with an epic “bye now” to punctuate his takedown.

The radio show host and former Secret Service agent took on Williams after he was engaged in a separate exchange with The Bulwark’s “token lib” Molly Jong-Fast who, in her coverage of last week’s CPAC event, mocked conservative radio host John Batchelor who is battling cancer.

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Bongino responded to Jong-Fast in several tweets after she came under intense backlash for her comments in a tweet she eventually deleted.

He called her out as an “imbecile” in the back and forth that led to a comment from Williams.

The former television talk show host set himself up for a losing battle, although Jong-Fast and other clueless liberals cheered him on.

Bongino replied simply – at first.

But Williams pressed on, boldly stepping off the precipice as he delivered a bewildering attack on Bongino.

Jong-Fast applauded the tweet, apparently missing the absurdity of Williams slamming the former Secret Service agent as “the token black guy” on Fox News.

Bongino, no doubt echoing the thoughts of many, asked if the 62-year-old former daytime talk show host could “get any dumber” while setting the record straight on some things.

The 44-year-old former member of the New York City Police Department shared his “outstanding” score from a Secret Service performance review, calling Williams out as a “never was.”

Williams could not leave well enough alone and mocked Bongino as a “touch” guy in need of a safe space.

Bongino finished him off.

Williams did not apologize or remove his tweet calling Bongino a “token black guy,” but only doubled down on his campaign of insult and bullying.

But many Twitter users gave Bongino a virtual standing ovation.

Frieda Powers


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