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Ex-Planned Parenthood employee describes eerie pregnancy ‘plague’ that inflicted female staff

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Grace Carr, DCNF

Women who worked at Planned Parenthood’s Baltimore, Maryland clinic couldn’t get pregnant or their babies died, a former clinic worker told The Daily Caller News Foundation in a February interview.

“We used to say it’s a plague because whoever got pregnant either lost the baby or the baby died,” Myra Kincaid told TheDCNF. Kincaid worked as a surgical assistant at the clinic from February 2013 to February 2014, she said. Planned Parenthood called Kincaid shortly before she graduated college to recruit her, Kincaid told TheDCNF.

Image: Planned Parenthood, screenshot

“We used to say it was a plague there because the nurse that was pregnant, her baby died in utero at eight weeks,” Kincaid said, describing how multiple employees who wanted to get pregnant could not or suffered miscarriages. One of the doctors that Kincaid worked with and developed a close relationship with had a hard time conceiving, even though “there was nothing wrong with her or her husband,” Kincaid said.

The doctor left Planned Parenthood and became pregnant shortly afterward, according to Kincaid. The nurse who lost her baby while working at Planned Parenthood also became pregnant after she left the abortion organization.

“Everything changed after they left,” Kincaid said. “People who couldn’t get pregnant and have babies did,” Kincaid told TheDCNF.

Kincaid left Planned Parenthood after witnessing four babies fall out of a young girl who had begun a medication abortion. She contacted And Then There Were None, a group that helps abortion workers leave the industry. She helped three other Planned Parenthood employees leave.

Former employee Annette Lancaster echoed Kincaid’s statements about a distinct culture at Planned Parenthood, describing it as “very dark, a lot of dark humor, a lot of dark jokes.”

Lancaster started working as a health center manager for a Planned Parenthood clinic in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in 2015 and left after nine months. She was hired to do the clinic’s administrative work but landed in the procedure room shortly after beginning employment, Lancaster told TheDCNF.

Lancaster says Planned Parenthood‘s culture is the same across the board. “I know it’s a culture that’s universal from clinic to clinic,” she told TheDCNF. “We had workers that would come from other clinics to support our clinics on days where we were short-staffed, and it was the same time of dark humor and same type of personality.”

Other employees felt similarly, according to Lancaster. “Several of the other staff felt the same way,” she said. Kincaid also said that since leaving Planned Parenthood, she’s been told stories nearly identical to her own from workers who have also left Planned Parenthood clinics in other states.

Planned Parenthood workers change internally, Lancaster told TheDCNF. “If they don’t see it, their friends and family would start to see a decline in and a demise in their personality,” she said. “It’s just not worth it.”

At least five other employees left Planned Parenthood immediately after Lancaster.

Planned Parenthood did not reply to TheDCNF’s request for comment.

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