Michael Cohen raises eyebrows, admits he discussed ‘topics’ with Adam Schiff before testimony

Michael Cohen admitted during testimony that he had spoken to Rep. Adam Schiff about what “topics” might be raised during the House Oversight Committee hearing.

The bombshell admission came during questioning by Rep. Jim Jordan at Wednesday’s hearing with the former personal attorney to President Donald Trump who revealed he had spoken with a few Democrats before the hearing, including Schiff, Chairman Elijah Cummings, and “various individuals” in the Democratic party.


“I spoke to Mr. Schiff about topics that were going to be raised at the upcoming hearing,” Cohen responded when the Ohio Republican asked what the two men had discussed prior to the hearing.

“Whoa,” Jordan, Jordan, the ranking member of the committee, reacted. “Not just what time you’re going to show up, but what you’re going to talk about? Wow.”

Cohen is expected to be questioned by Schiff on Thursday when he testifies before the House Intelligence Committee. The California Democrat who chairs that committee claimed Wednesday that, if Cohen’s testimony is true, it proves that Trump was “engaged in criminal activity” while in office as president.

“So, that’s pretty breathtaking when you think about it, that the president of the United States is allegedly paying hush money as president of the United States, and misleading the country about it.” Schiff told CNN Wednesday. “And that’s pretty serious business.”

Naturally, the mainstream media sought to downplay Cohen’s remarks about meeting with the Democrat.

The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake declared there was probably a “pretty simple likely explanation” for the meeting.

The “Fox & Friends” hosts discussed the remarks which Steve Doocy suggested amounted to “congressional collusion.”

Cohen’s statement instantly caused a stir as conservatives across social media reacted to what GOP chair Ronna McDaniel called out as a “total Democrat charade.”


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