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Body cam captures immigrant – under sanctuary – deported 3 times prior, firing on deputy, who shoots him dead

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A shooting last week in California of an illegal immigrant who had been deported three times and was subject to multiple ICE detainers is the very embodiment of the dangers President Donald Trump highlights when advocating to improve border security.

But for her training and quick reaction, Napa County Deputy Riley Jarecki may have been killed last Sunday, Feb. 17, when she stopped Javier Hernandez, who was in the country illegally.

Hernandez, who had an extensive criminal record in the U.S., pulled a gun and fired at Jarecki, who managed to avoid being hit. Circling around the vehicle to return fire, the deputy did not miss, killing Hernandez after firing fifteen shots into the vehicle.

And the chilling scene was captured on the deputy’s body camera.

*CAUTION: Disturbing Content


Jarecki is seen in the video speaking with Hernandez from the passenger side of the vehicle. After asking if she could look inside the car, the deputy tells Hernandez not to move as she walks around to the driver’s side.

She instructed Hernandez to roll down the window and the illegal alien hesitated for a moment, before finally complying. As he lowered the window, he quickly pulled a .22-caliber pistol from his jacket and opened fire.

Incredibly, Jarecki is not hit, even though the shot was fired at point blank range.

As is frequently the case, Hernandez, a Mexican national who reportedly had several warrants out for his arrest and went by a number of aliases, should never have been in the country. He was given a reprieve because California is a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants.

Despite several prior arrests, to include battery of a peace officer and suspected DUI, local law enforcement ignored ICE detainers issued on four separate occasions, ABC affiliate KGO-TV reported.

ICE said in a statement that this was a preventable incident.

“This incident may have been prevented if ICE had been notified about any of the multiple times Hernandez-Morales was released from local custody over the last few years,” the statement read, according to the ABC affiliate. “This is an impactful, scary example of how public safety is affected by laws or policies limiting local law enforcement agencies’ ability to cooperate with ICE.”

No surprise, Napa County Supervisor Belia Ramos essentially said they’ll continue to not honor ICE detainers, even though it almost cost the county the life of a deputy on the job six short months.

The official cited state law as the deciding factor in the defiance.

“Compliance with state law is what Napa County will, in fact, follow through upon, whether there are changes in the future that change things but as of right now we do need to comply with state law and that is what our policy reflects,” Ramos told KGO-TV.

While Democrats and their media allies run interference for illegal immigrants, the reaction online suggests more and more Americans are growing tired of being put at risk for political reasons.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses from Twitter:



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