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‘Trump’s gotten in everyone’s head’: Folks notice glaring comparison when Oscars stage design is revealed

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An attempt to hype anticipation for the 91st Academy Awards may have just ended up sparking liberal meltdowns instead.

 (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

A sneak preview of the stage for Sunday’s star-studded annual Oscars touted the dazzling image created by set designer David Korins with an eye-popping display of over 40,000 Swarovski crystals, according to Interior Design.

(Image: Twitter/Interior Design)

Korins’ aim “…was to create abstract and organic shapes that make the audience and stage feel as one, representing a feeling of inclusivity,” according to a statement statement given to the Austrian crystal company.

The designer explained that, in response to a world “filled with TOO MANY straight lines & square thinking,” he had “designed a world” based on “inclusion & warm welcoming shapes.”

For many Twitter users, the unmistakable “world” on the Dolby Theater stage could not be unseen once the image lodged in the mind.

Some found Korins’ design had inspired different mental images.

But for fans of the president, there seemed to be a delicious irony in the vision of Trump-hating liberals spewing politically charged remarks while congratulating each other from a stage domed by their arch-enemy’s hair.

Frieda Powers


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