The Green New Deal: How the worst experiments in human history have begun …

Did anybody make it to the end of the text of the Green New Deal legislation? It’s hard to stomach in a single read-through if you are already wary of the hidden agenda behind the flowery and lofty-sounding goals of the far-left political elites who wrote it.

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But tacked on to the very end of the legislation is the real goal of the authors.

Subsection O reads:

(O) providing all people of the United States with—

(i) high-quality health care;

(ii) affordable, safe, and adequate housing;

(iii) economic security; and

(iv) clean water, clean air, healthy and affordable food, and access to nature.

Put another way, the authors want the United States government to provide every citizen with food, water, healthcare, housing, and a basic income.

This is a complete (and unashamed) call for a nanny state.

Earlier on in the text is at least a semi-honest indicator of how the authors hope to achieve this:

“…a new national, social, industrial, and economic mobilization on a scale not seen since World War II and the New Deal era…”

In other words, these legislators are telling you that they intend to usher in a government-led overhaul of American life so big and so widely unprecedented, it hasn’t been done since America was facing a world crisis.

Why would anyone agree to this?


Well, the authors claim a comparable crisis is in the works that merits the move: climate change. And so they title the entire thing “A Green New Deal.”

“How can anyone legitimately speak out against this? It’s got ‘green’ in the title!” they probably cheerfully thought to themselves as they signed it.

If you haven’t read George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel 1984, now’s the time to do it.

This is how the worst experiments in human history have begun. Political elites push for more and more power over the lives of everyday citizens, and wrap their “medicine” in a feel-good spoonful of sugar to help the public warm up to the idea. In this case, it’s in the name of climate action.

This is disingenuous and wrong. And yet they know it is effective.

As a country, we need to firmly and repeatedly call out the horrors of big-government socialism. We must push our legislators to practice articulating the arguments against removing every limitation on government’s role.

Our nation is strong, powerful, and full of opportunity specifically because the government is limited.

Our government is not in the business of providing any of those things that the Green New Deal calls for it to provide. Our government is in the business of defending its citizens and removing barriers to individualism and opportunity. That’s where it needs to stay focused.

The horrors of every experiment in creating a nanny state are not fictional, they are tangible. Venezuela is screaming proof of how nanny states end. Women are selling their bodies to feed their children. Citizens are fighting to the death over food. All while Venezuela sits on one of South America’s largest deposits of oil.

Governments can never sustainably provide life’s basic necessities to its citizens. It would require coercion and force and necessarily limit innovation and economic expansion.

Sure, let’s fight for the environment – together. Let’s use results-based approaches to reducing greenhouse emissions.

Did you know?

The free-market that America was built on has made incredible leaps in innovative ways to harvest new deposits of natural gas, which is (voluntarily!) becoming a substitute for more environmentally damaging fossil fuels. American led the pack in reducing CO2 emissions in 2017, despite Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate accord.

“For that impressive “greening” of America, we can thank the underground oceans of America’s natural gas that are now accessible because of the revolutionary, advanced drilling and extraction technologies of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal/directional drilling, and are increasingly displacing coal for the nation’s electricity generation.”

The American Enterprise Institute, July 2018: Ín 2017, US had largest decline in CO2 emissions in the world for 9th time this century.

The free-market can be the greatest tool we have for fighting climate change because it rewards innovators who do things the public cares about – like protect the environment – at the lowest cost. How did we curb the world’s deforestation problem? We didn’t ration paper – we invented the USB drive and the computer.

This should be a bipartisan issue. Fortunately, we have already seen some Democratic presidential hopefuls clearly distance themselves from the democratic-socialist title. (This week include Kamala Harris and Beto O Rourke). Fortunately, Trump included a renewed commitment in his State of the Union in no uncertain words that “America will never be a socialist nation.”


We (both parties) need to draw lines in the sand and push our political representatives to firmly stand their ground. The trend will only continue that more and more excessive proposals will be introduced to make our government into Big Brother. The proponents of such seek to win by dulling us to the idea, and by wearing us down with a thousand tiny cuts.

We can’t let that happen.

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Bryan Griffin

Bryan Griffin is an American lawyer, author, advocate for limited government, and Senior Fellow at the Herb London Center for Policy Research.
Bryan Griffin


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