Lara Logan says she’s being targeted for slamming biased media, boldly calls out her critics by name


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Former CBS News correspondent Lara Logan named names in what she called a targeted smear campaign against her for speaking the truth about the media.

Logan spoke with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday’s “Hannity” about the fallout from her recent observation that the media is “mostly liberal,” saying her comments, which were effectively “professional suicide,” have made her the target of smears.


The former “60 Minutes” correspondent declared “nobody owns me” as she boldly called out by name some of those who are targeting her for being an independent voice, telling Hannity “it’s the same group of people.”

“And I expected it,” Logan said. “Michael Calderone who is at the Huffington Post. I can give you the script now. I can tell you who the players are. Joe Hagan. Brian Stelter.”

“So they smear you personally. They go after your integrity. They go after your reputation as a person and a professional. They will stop at nothing,” she continued, noting that having a personal bias is normal but it is not acceptable to allow that in journalistic work when one is claiming to be unbiased.

“I am not the only one. And I am just, I am done, right, I am tired of it,” she added. “And they do not get to write my story anymore. They don’t get to speak for me, I want to say loudly and clearly to anybody who is listening, I am not owned. Nobody owns me, right? I’m not owned by the left or the right.”

Logan, who spent years covering US troops in war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan – nearly getting killed when her vehicle was hit with an explosive device in Egypt during the 2010 Arab Spring – made her initial controversial comments in an interview with Breitbart podcast host and retired Navy SEAL, Mike Ritland.

“The media everywhere is mostly liberal. But in this country, 85 percent of journalists are registered Democrats. So that’s just a fact, right?” she had said, adding “that’s not our job. That’s a political position. That means we’ve become political activists in a sense, and some could argue propagandists.”

“That’s not journalism, that’s horsesh*t,” Logan told Ritland, commenting on reporters using single, anonymous government sources to build their stories.“Responsibility for fake news begins with us. We bear some responsibility for that, and we’re not taking ownership of that and addressing it. We just want to blame it all on somebody else.”

The 47-year-old native of South Africa reiterated her view on Wednesday, telling Hannity, “I didn’t invent this. Journalists have always needed two independent first-hand sources. That’s always been the standard that we work to.”

Logan, who deaprted CBS when her contract ended last year, praised journalists like Sharyl Atkinson and investigative reporter Sara Carter, as well as some on “60 Minutes,” telling Hannity that they have also been targeted when they don’t follow the liberal script.

“If there were any independent voices out there, if there are any journalists who are not beating the same drum and giving the same talking points, then we pay the price,” she said.

No doubt Logan more than ruffled some feathers as she continued to drop the hammer on the liberal media. Calling out her critics by name prompted some direct response, as Vanity Fair’s Joe Hagan and Politico’s Michael Calderone tweeted.

While CNN’s Curtis Houck and others tweeted about Logan’s appearance on “Hannity,” Stelter’s Twitter page had no recent comments.

But Logan’s interview seemed to cement her place as a journalistic “badass” for many who praised her courage and her work.

Frieda Powers


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