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Kellyanne Conway & Chris Cuomo clash over Russia in dumpster-fire CNN interview

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Chris Cuomo clashed with WH adviser Kellyanne Conway over CNN’s Russia obsession.

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CNN host Chris Cuomo and White House counselor Kellyanne Conway got into a heated debate while discussing former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe’s baseless suggestion that President Trump is a Russian asset.

Kellyanne Conway: McCabe Is a Desperate Shill

Conway asked if that’s true, why did McCabe wait until he had a book to shill before going public with such an explosive allegation?

“Just like his former boss Jim Comey, they come out and write books and — all of a sudden! — they have to announce something to the whole world.  Grab your hats, you’re not going to believe this one! Clutch your pearls!

First of all, if you really feel that way, why do you wait two years to tell everyone, and why does it coincide with a book tour?

In fact, the two most explosive things McCabe tried to wedge in there…aren’t even in the book. The 25th amendment nonsense — that wasn’t real, and this stuff about the deputy attorney general — it’s not even in his book and yet it’s part of the book tour.”


Conway: Media Lies Will Get Trump Re-Elected

Cuomo then parroted CNN’s pathological talking point about “Russia! Russia! Russia!” by claiming some members of the Trump 2016 campaign had “reckless contacts” with the Russians.

Conway then pointed out an inconvenient fact that Democrat operatives in the media routinely ignore, which is that the Robert Mueller investigation has yielded no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump camp after two years.

Kellyanne also thanked the fake-news media like CNN for helping elect President Trump in 2016 and re-electing him in 2020.

“I want to thank the media for 2016,” Conway said. “I’d love to thank the Democrats for 2019 and 2020 because they are off to an awful start.”

Cuomo made a generalized statement — without citing specific examples — that President Trump and his administration have repeatedly lied.

“We got a bunch of liars around you guys and it includes the president,” Cuomo said.

Kellyanne quipped: “The only person we’ve discussed tonight on your show who we know lied multiple times under oath is named Andrew McCabe.”

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