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Congress agrees on $15 million for border security … In ANOTHER country… but won’t touch ‘Trump’s wall’

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Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan slammed the hypocrisy of Democrats who refuse to approve funding for a wall along the southern U.S. border but pour millions of dollars into border security overseas.

The former Immigration and Customs Enforcement chief spoke to “Fox & Friends First” on Wednesday about how Democrats are not actually against walls as security measures, they are just against anything having to do with President Donald Trump.

Discussing the nearly 1,200-page spending bill approved last week and signed by Trump to avert another government shutdown, Homan commented about provisions for funds to be poured into the border security of nations such as Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt and Afghanistan.

“We spend millions of dollars a year defending other nations’ borders, but the Democratic leadership wants to spend $1.3 billion defending ours. I would think our border would be more important than the borders of foreign nations,” Homan said.

The president declared a national emergency over the southern U.S. border last week even as he signed the bill which fell far short of providing the $5.7 billion Trump wanted to build the border wall. Democrats slammed the president for declaring the emergency and accused him of a “manufactured crisis” to secure funding. But the spending bill signed by lawmakers from both parties included staggering amounts of money allocated to the secure borders of other nations.

Approximately $6 billion was approved for foreign militaries, including Lebanon’s border security, and another $112.5 million was allocated for the economic support of Egypt as well $1.3 billion for that nation’s military. Homan noted the numbers were “incredible,” arguing that just “part of that money could help our country.”

Homan slammed excuses used by Democrats to denounce border walls as “immoral” and ineffective, calling it a “smokescreen” because they “can’t be that foolish to not understand the data.”

“This is about resisting the president and not giving the president a win on the border,” he said, adding that Democrats do not want to see Trump succeed despite his many accomplishments in two years.

Homan defended Trump against criticism that he should never have signed the bill which allows the exorbitant funding of other nations’ borders and military, noting that he agreed it was a “terrible bill.” But, he pointed out, Democratic leaders gave the president the choice of either signing the flawed bill or shutting the government down.

“Once again, the president is on his own because this Congress has failed him once again,” Homan said.

“This is a political game at its worst. Continued chaos at the border, they think is going to hurt the president in 2020,” he added.

“This is about securing our nation. These people are putting their political ambitions ahead of their responsibility to secure the border and protect the American people,” he said. “That’s a stone-cold truth.”

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