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Why Lefties and Lemon are so wrong to compare border crisis to Dems’ pet ‘crisis’ issues, like climate and guns

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Democrats and their media allies, including political commentator Don Lemon, think that deaths in America because of gun violence and health-related issues are America’s real national emergencies, not the demonstrable crisis along the southern U.S. border.

“Do you think that gun violence is a national emergency — is it problematic or is a national emergency?” Lemon rhetorically asked Steve Cortes, an informal adviser to President Donald Trump, Saturday evening on CNN. “Is healthcare a national emergency or is it problematic?”

“It’s not a national emergency by the definition of the law of the National Emergencies Act,” Cortes replied, referencing a 1976 law that formalized the president’s emergency powers. “The act is the president’s role as commander of chief to protect the president from external threats.”

“So the border wall, which everyone will admit is problematic, is in your estimation an emergency but not problematic like the other two things, even though the numbers could bear out that they’re emergencies as well?” Lemon replied.


His rhetoric fits with the general consensus among the left that the border crisis is a “made-up crisis” and that deaths by guns, opioids, suicides, etc., are the real crisis in America.

The argument posits that since deaths by guns, opioids, suicides, etc., are increasing, whereas the number of border apprehensions are allegedly decreasing (false), there’s no crisis. The leftists at Quartz have even pointed to the apparently meager number of murders committed by criminal aliens.

“[A] Cato Institute estimate based on convicted murderers in Texas shows the rate of homicides committed by undocumented immigrants in the US would amount to, at most, 1.8 per 100,000 undocumented immigrants,” the far-left publication casually noted last week.

While it’s unclear whether Cortes was right in his assertion that the National Emergencies Act only applies to external threats, what’s undeniable is that Congress has taken concrete actions on both gun violence and health-related issues by, among others, passing a gun reciprocity bill to empower Americans with the ability to protect themselves, and passing bipartisan opioids legislation.

What has Congress done for the border crisis? Nothing, unless you count passing a widely panned bill that empowers human traffickers and makes it easier for alleged asylum seekers to cheat the system and illegally escape into the interior of the United States as something.

Keep in mind that this “something” is so flawed that criminal alien-loving Democrats were tempted to gloat after they successfully pushed it through the House and Senate last week.

Meanwhile, an estimated 2,000 so-called “migrants” continue to stream across the southern border daily. A notable number of these migrants go on to commit additional crimes, including but not limited to theft, child molestation, rape, assault and even murder.

Some migrants attempt to seek asylum at ports of entry. While the majority of asylum claims have been found to be false, the bill passed by Congress last week made it easier for fake asylum seekers to cheat the system by making it so that no money allocated to the Department of Homeland Security may be used to detain or deport “a sponsor, potential sponsor, or member of a household of a sponsor or potential sponsor of an unaccompanied alien child.”

In other words, any migrant who crosses the border illegally with a child in stow cannot be touched by DHS and its sub-agencies, including U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


This is expected to only exacerbate the growing scourge of child trafficking, but remember, according to Lemon and others in the left, there’s no crisis along the southern border.

Note also that according to the far-left, the solution to gun violence in America is to impose draconian regulations that violate the American people’s Second Amendment rights.

Note also that whereas the right to bear arms is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, nowhere in the 232-year document is there a provision saying that foreigners have a right to illegally enter the U.S. But because of Democrat policies and rhetoric, far too many foreigners now believe they have this right.

And according to social media users, this belief and its consequences (endless border crossings, rapes, molestations, murders, etc.) is indeed a real and very demonstrable crisis — one that Lemon would know about if he’d just hop off his throne at CNN and take a glimpse of the real world:


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