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‘The Five’ takes other networks to task for fat-shaming President Trump over his BMI

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Members of the left-wing press pounced this week after White House physician Dr. Sean Conley revealed the results of President Donald Trump’s annual physical, taking him to task for gaining four pounds and essentially “fat-shaming” him,” as noted by the hosts of Fox News’ “The Five.”

“President Trump’s critics in the press now taking on a new role: media Weight Watchers. Members of the media actually ‘fat-shaming’ the president after his annual physical results were
released,” guest co-host Pete Hegseth said Friday before playing a montage of the media’s “fat-shaming.”

Take a look:

Note how Joe Scarborough, a co-host on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” said that the president “weighs close to 300 pounds.” There’s a lot more where that came from.

“At 243 Pounds, Trump Tips the Scale Into Obesity,” a headline at The New York Times reads.

“Trump’s Annual Physical Shows He Now Is Obese,” read a chyron CNN Friday afternoon.

And then there’s the shaming on Twitter by mainstream “journalists”:

It’s not the media reporting the facts that’s problematic but rather their focus on solely the negative facts versus the positive ones, i.e., Trump’s cholesterol is down and he’s “in good health overall,” according to Conley, who as a reminder has an actual medical degree.

It doesn’t help that some in the media chose to distort the facts.

“When I saw this stat … the first moment I saw it, I said the left will not be able to resist. Apparently, 243 pounds is close to 300,” Hegseth quipped Friday, poking fun at Scarborough’s inane declaration that the president now weighs almost 300 pounds.

Co-host and comedian Greg Gutfeld then suggested that perhaps the media’s many loudmouths should be forced to step on a scale and announce their weight to the world before appearing on TV.

When it comes to your weight, I think that they should put scales in front of the ‘Morning Joe’ studio, in front of the White House press room, and then before you get in there, you have to get on the scale, and they have to announce your weight,” he said.

“I wonder how Mika would feel about that,”  he added, referencing Mika Brzezinski, Scarborough’s co-host. “Because you know what? You can’t talk about weight if it’s women. That’s called ‘fat-checking.’ But if it’s a dude, go right ahead. It’s another example of reverse sexism.”



He was partially right. Because women are sensitive about their weight, as “The Five” co-host Dana Perino admitted in the clip above, it’s considered an extreme faux pas to speak about a woman’s weight. Except judging by past events, it seems this rule only applies to shame aimed at liberal women.

When a Los Angeles Times columnist described White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a “slightly chunky soccer mom” back in 2017, there was “deafening silence” from the left. But God forbid a liberal woman be “fat-shamed.” God forbid!

But all this talk about “fat-shaming” is moot anyway, Gutfeld continued Friday, because in his opinion so-called “fat-shaming” can serve as a great incentive for the obese to get their act together.

“I’m kind of for talking about weight because when I was on ‘Red Eye,’ I put on a lot of weight, and you know how I lost weight? I had lost weight because everybody on Twitter was making fun of how fat I was. That was incentive,” he said.

Perino wasn’t so sure about that.

“I would rather release my tax returns than my weight,” she said.

That sentiment is certainly not shared by the president.

Studies have repeatedly shown that “fat-shaming” rarely serves as incentivize and more often than not pushes the victim into gaining even more weight. That’s why perhaps so-called “journalists” should follow the advice of social media users and cut it out with their “fat-shaming”:


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