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Martha MacCallum shuts down patronizing Dem Rep’s wild accusations about FOX like a boss

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Fox News host Martha MacCallum came to the defense of her network, shutting down a Democrat congressman’s claims about DACA recipients.

Discussing President Donald Trump’s plan to declare a national emergency on the border after signing the government funding bill, MacCallum sparred with Rep. Sean Maloney when he claimed Fox News does not care about Dreamers, recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.


MacCallum asked the New York Democrat on FNC’s  “The Story” if members of his party have “turned their backs” on DACA recipients because “there could have been a deal here that included some relief for them.”

Trump had offered a compromise solution during last month’s partial government shutdown, promising to extend the DACA and Temporary Protected Status programs in exchange for $5.7 billion in funding for a border wall. But the budget deal which was passed in the House on Thursday, and likely to soon be signed by the president, included no provisions for the Dreamers and TPS holders.

“The president could have had that deal a year and a half ago,” Maloney told MacCallum Thursday, saying Trump rejected the plan while blasting him for his “inconsistent” priorities.

While it seems conservatives have no problem following the president’s priorities, which have not changed from his campaign trail promises, the same can not be said about Democrats who, as MacCallum noted, spout off about the rights of illegal immigrants but then fail to act on their behalf when the opportunity presents itself.

The Fox News host pressed Maloney to answer her question about why Democrats did not accept Trump’s olive branch which would have legalized the status of Dreamers and TPS holders. The New York Democrat shot back with a testy response.

“Excuse me,” Maloney said. “The fact is the president could have had a deal that included that. That’s what my answer was to your question.”

“What he did instead is he drove us down this blind alley, got a worse result for himself. He’s making a bunch of conservatives and Republicans unhappy. He’s setting a very dangerous precedent that will come back to haunt us, I will predict to you,” he lectured.

“This is a mess and it’s on the president,” Maloney added.

“I’m just wondering what the DACA and Dreamers feel when they look at this deal as well,” MacCallum noted.

“It’s the first time I’ve heard somebody articulate a concern for the Dreamers on this network, I can tell you that,” Maloney jeered.

“That’s absolutely untrue. That’s absolutely untrue,” MacCallum pushed back

“I’m telling you it’s the first time I’ve heard it,” he insisted.

“Well then you don’t watch very often I guess,” MacCallum fired back, getting more irritated by Maloney’s condescending tone.

The two continued the contentious exchange with MacCallum holding her own in her rather dignified responses to the patronizing lawmaker.

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