Nikki Haley has a whopper of a question for Pelosi after her call to ‘protect God’s creation’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s witless remarks calling to “protect God’s creation” earned her scathing rebuke from many pro-life advocates.

Among them was former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, who asked the California Democrat if God’s creation did “not include protecting babies as well.”

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Pelosi announced the creation of the Select Committee on Climate Crisis and its members on Thursday, the same day that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed details of her Green New Deal climate change resolution. The New York lawmaker was not included in the new Committee named by Pelosi.

Haley tweeted a response to Pelosi’s announcement on Friday.

Pro-life supporters slammed the top Democrat for the insensitive tweet in light of controversial legislation recently including the legalization of late-term abortions in New York a similar law in Virginia which failed to pass.

HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher noted the importance of the issue to Americans, warning that the left forgets “at our peril” how many people vote on “the wall and the womb.”

See relevant comments at the 41:37 mark in the video below:

“So, when I was watching the State of the Union speech, I saw language used about abortion that I’ve never seen a president use, especially in that setting,” Maher said on his show Friday.

“It seems to me like this is the issue that the Republicans are going to run on, the wall and the womb,” he said.

“That’s what they care about. And we all, I think, at our peril forget that a lot of this country votes on that one issue,” Maher added. “They don’t follow politics as closely as the rest of us do on a political junkie show like this, that’s the issue they care about.”

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