John Rich and his granny have good laugh over Ocasio-Cortez’s work ethic: ‘Because I CAN, and that’s what you do when you live in this country!’


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Socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s widely panned New Green Deal is being mocked by practically everybody, including even longtime country star John Rich.

“My favorite part of #GreenNewDeal is the ‘guaranteed wage for people who are UNWILLING to work!'” he tweeted Friday in mockery of AOC’s just-released plan.

“Hahahaha! Wow…I guess they’ve never heard the phrase ‘Work Hard, Play Hard!’ 86 year old Granny Rich just ‘rolled her eyes’ and went back to hemming pant legs at her JOB!!”


Officially unveiled Thursday, the plan put forth by the 29-year-old congresswoman does in fact call for providing “[e]conomic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work.”

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The plan also calls for eliminating combustion-engine vehicles, airplanes, fossil fuel energy, nuclear energy, farting cows and meat — as well as providing all Americans with a guaranteed job (if they want one), plus free education, free healthcare, free housing, etc.

Why all these changes? To allegedly stop the alleged threat of climate change. It’s unclear how in the world doling out freebies to the American people will curb the globe’s rising temperatures.

In additional tweets posted Friday, Rich also poked fun at AOC for wanting to ban fossil fuels and clapped back at a critic who asked him why his grandmother still works.


He wrote that his grandmother still works because she can.

“Because I CAN, and that’s what you do when you live in this country! It’s called work ethic,” she herself said, echoing the mindset of those who believe happiness comes in part from remaining busy with activities such as work versus just lounging around like a useless schlub.

This is a mentality that the left finds repulsive, as demonstrated by the plan put forth by Ocasio-Cortez — whom many consider to be the future of the Democrat Party — as well as the left’s love affair with welfare, subsidies, handouts and other expensive and counter-productive freebies.


The left seems to believe that by offering the American people everything they need — including even their food, apparently, according to AOC’s plan — everyone will be able to experience the joy and happiness that those pesky billionaires allegedly enjoy every day of their lives.

Except billionaires and millionaires don’t suddenly wake up rich and happy. They earn their keep in life through hard work, perseverance and failure. Yes, failure. It’s by getting back up and continuing to fight, work, and toil endlessly toward goals that they build confidence, character and, ultimately, happiness.

As the Roman physician, surgeon and philosopher Aelius Galenus (aka Galen of Pergamon) said thousands of years ago, “Employment is nature’s physician and is essential to human happiness.”

But given as far-leftists care neither for history nor “dead white philosophers,” of course this is a lesson that they’ve chosen to ignore. Pity that. It is however a lesson that’s most certainly been gleaned by Rich, his grandmother and his ardent followers:


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