Prosecutors subpoena Trump’s 2020 inaugural committee as presidential harassment continues

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Robert Mueller’s sham “Russia collusion” investigation has yielded no evidence of collusion after two years. (File photos)

The Democrat Party’s ongoing harassment of President Trump continues unabated, confirming speculation that a “Deep State” exists at the upper levels of the US government that would rather see this president fail than for the country to succeed under Trump.

On Monday (Feb. 4), federal prosecutors in New York subpoenaed Donald Trump’s 2016 inaugural committee amid allegations that it misspent some of its campaign donations.

It’s unclear what evidence there is to support this latest probe, but all the investigations into President Trump have been accusations in search of a crime. So why should this be any different?

Trump Appointee’s Office Issued Subpoenas

While liberals are breathlessly celebrating the subpoenas, keep in mind that the Department of Justice in New York is under the supervision of Trump-appointed US Attorney Geoffrey Berman.

Berman has recused himself from the investigations into the 2016 Trump campaign — undercutting the media narrative that Trump is an authoritarian who controls the actions of all his appointees.

This latest probe is yet another tangential offshoot of special counsel Robert Mueller’s fruitless “Russian collusion” investigation.

No Evidence of Collusion After 2 Years

As BizPac Review has reported countless times, there is no evidence of collusion after an exhaustive, taxpayer-funded, two-year investigation.

Moreover, most Americans do not care about these sham investigations. They’re mainly media hype to promote an anti-Trump agenda.

This is presidential harassment, pure and simple. It’s amazing Trump got anything accomplished despite the around-the-clock obstructionism of the media and the Democrat Party.

Media: ‘Screw you, America!’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson wondered what “crimes” President Trump has actually committed to warrant the Left’s nonstop collective harassment.

“It is insultingly stupid,” Carlson said in December 2018. “But because everyone in power hates the target of your investigation, nobody would question you. And that’s what’s happening right now.”

‘Trump’s a criminal! He’s going to jail!’ For committing a smaller version of the same made-up crime that we in Congress have committed for years and forced you to pay for.

By the way, we’re never apologizing for that, because we don’t have to and CNN isn’t going to make us. Screw you, America, and your stupid election! We’re in charge.

That’s the real message here.”

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