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Libs rejoice over sexist ‘art’ meant to demean Ivanka, then she steps in and puts them all to shame

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Instead of humiliating President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, the radical left’s latest sexist and misogynist attempt to harm her appears to have served as a wake-up to millions of Americans across the country vis-à-vis which political party is truly the “party of women.”

The attempt was made by Jennifer Rubell, a New York-based “artist” whose latest “artwork” features a model dressed as Ivanka vacuuming a carpet as the audience tosses crumbs at her.


Her “artwork” has practically been heralded by some virulently anti-Trump leftists on social media as the second coming.

Case in point:

It seems like some far-leftists enjoy being in the business of demonizing women — or at least those women affiliated with the president. In response to Rubell’s “artwork,” Ivanka made it clear Tuesday that she feels differently. And she laid down a short and concise tweet that put all the hypocritical haters to shame:


Her brother Eric has commented on the “artwork” as well.

“These leftists called up a modeling agency, saying ‘you know what, I want to get a nice woman to come stand on a carpet, with a vacuum of all things, so that our people can throw food and crumbs to mimic a powerful woman who has done more for women than probably anyone in Washington, D.C.'” he said incredulously Tuesday morning on “Fox & Friends.”

“Think about that hypocrisy. They label themselves the quote, unquote ‘party of women,’ yet they’re throwing food, they’re throwing garbage at a woman on a carpet holding a vacuum cleaner to mimic someone who really does care and who has fought so hard for women.”

Listen to his remarks below:

Eric’s insinuation was that Rubell’s “artwork” is a representation of the Democrat Party’s backward beliefs, particularly the party’s backward beliefs about women. Given the type of people cheering her “artwork,” and given also her own history, it appears he may be correct.

Rubell is both a third-wave feminist and an avid fan of failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton, a woman who throughout the 90s went to great lengths to try and cover up the sexual abuse perpetrated by her husband, then-President Bill Clinton.

As part of an “art” exhibit set up two years ago, Rubell reportedly cooked Clinton’s infamous oatmeal cookies and placed them in a cookie jar resembling Clinton’s iconic pantsuits.

“She’s a public figure for my generation of women. She was a vessel for our dreams and frustrations. The territory in Hillary that most interests me is the relationship between her feminism and femininity,” she said of Clinton admirably at the time.


Jennifer Rubell, Vessel. @sargentsdaughters

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While it’s unclear why she as a feminist believes it’s acceptable to disrespect another woman by showcasing a lookalike of her vacuuming crumbs, this hypocritical mindset does fit perfectly with the Democrat Party, which as social media users noted has always been teeming with hypocrisy.



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