What if he was a Republican governor? How major liberal networks covered for the Virginia Dem

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There’s a reason both President Donald Trump and his conservative supporters refer to the mainstream media as “fake news” — because the media seem to care more about narratives than facts.

Case in point: Instead of just reporting the truth about Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat politician who reportedly wore blackface during his years in college and was known at the time by the racist nickname “coonman,” the media have seemingly been providing him cover.

The blackface revelation was unearthed Friday when the news publisher BigLeague Politics released photos from the Democrat governor’s yearbook that shows him and a friend photographed together, with one wearing blackface and the other wearing KKK robes.

BigLeague Politics also found that, according to the governor’s biography in Eastern Virginia Medical School’s 1984 yearbook, his nickname used to be “Coonman”:

While BigLeague Politics is a legitimate new purveyor — one certainly more legitimate than CNN, which falsely labeled Northam a Republican and has refused to correct its error — NBC News’ reporters warned their audience that the photo “surfaced on a far-right” website.

“The picture originally surfaced on a far-right website that often promotes conspiracy theories and was quickly circulated by the Virginia Republican Party,” reporter Hallie Jackson said.

CBS News reporter Chip Reid likewise tried to downplay the scandal by highlighting the governor’s positives, such as his purported “reputation as a strong supporter of civil rights.”

And over on ABC News, guest anchor Tom Llamas described BigLeague Politics as a “conservative website.” Yet the website’s “About” page clearly states that its agenda is not partisan:

“We are not conservative. We are not liberal. We are road warriors fighting the good fight for journalism. How did this happen? It happened because the mainstream media and corporate journalism outlets are bought off by shady interests and they don’t tell the truth. We got sick and tired of it.”

Watch the media’s false reporting below:

Note also that neither ABC, NBC nor CBS mentioned Northam’s racist nickname. Think that’s bad? The “reporters” at The Washington Post didn’t even try to feign impartiality.

“When he ran for governor in 2017, Northam paid special attention to black churches, often attending two or three every Sunday,” they wrote. “His home pastor is African American.”


“After the racial violence in Charlottesville that summer, Northam was among the quickest Virginia political figures to react, making an emotional plea that all Confederate monuments should come down,” they added in another blatant attempt to portray him as a good guy.

The way the media’s tried to cushion the governor’s fall from grace by, one, linking the blackface discovery to the “far-right” (just like Hillary Clinton blames all her failures on some “vast right-wing conspiracy”), and two, subtly highlighting his civil rights record, sticks out like a sore thumb.

“All I know is that the coverage of this would be a lot different if it was in a different prism,” Fox News host Brett Baier, the host of “Special Report,” astutely noted early Friday evening. “If it was a Republican governor, I think it might be leading a lot of the newscasts that it’s not leading currently.”



He also contrasted the comprehensive but biased coverage of Northam’s blackface scandal to the nearly non-existent coverage of his infanticide remarks.

“Obviously this is tremendously offensive and horrible, but the earlier comments about what many considered infanticide about keeping a baby comfortable outside the womb and then making a decision whether to move forward with killing that baby didn’t get a lot of coverage comparative to this,” Baier said.

Moreover, instead of focusing on the governor’s appalling remarks, the few outlets that covered the remarks focused on mean Republicans’ “attacks” on Northam in a bid to portray him as a victim.

“President Trump, Republican lawmakers in Virginia and conservatives across the country attacked Gov. Ralph Northam and other state Democrats on Wednesday after they defended a failed bill that sought to reduce restrictions on late-term abortions,” the Post wrote.

The bias is so obvious, as well as a reminder of why so many Americans in general distrust the media.

If the media wants to be ridiculously biased to the left, so be it. But it’d be nice if just for once they could be honest about it instead of hiding behind a facade of impartiality.


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