‘Painful to watch!’ AOC admits that even she is ‘privileged,’ and her reason why makes for Twitter gold

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explained the stumbling blocks of being “privileged” and sparked social media mockery for owning her part in the problem.


The Democratic socialist from New York argued that privileges have to be acknowledged by people in order to right past wrongs during an interview on The Intercept’s “Deconstructed” podcast on Monday.

“If you haven’t had a transition in your life where, you know, you were maybe born poor or born without certain privileges and then especially as you transition into having certain privileges in your life, you actually see and feel and sense and taste and smell all of the differences,” she said, addressing those who were born with a “silver spoon.”

“If you’ve never experienced different treatment in your life, you wouldn’t know what different treatment feels like or looks like. And it’s really, really hard,” she added.

“We can all, almost every single person in this country can acknowledge some privilege of some of some type, you know,” Ocasio-Cortez continued before confessing her own sin of privilege in her over-dramatized monologue.

“I’m a cisgendered woman,” she announced.

“I will never know the trauma of feeling like I’m not born in the right body. And that is a privilege that I have, no matter how poor my family was when I was born. But it’s really hard for some people to admit that they — you know, it’s part of this weird American Dream mythology that we have, that for a lot of — in a lot of circumstances isn’t as true or isn’t as clearly communicated as we’d like for it, or we wish it was,” she offered by way of an explanation of sorts.

Reaction to her remarks came swiftly but did not seem to take up the cause the freshman lawmaker encouraged. Twitter users missed the message urging them to confront their “privilege” as they were too distracted by the “foolishness” of her terminology.

Others slammed Ocasio-Cortez for the premise and her socialistic rhetoric.

But most who viewed the “painful” interview were amazed by the ludicrous “word salad” coming from the 29-year-old lawmaker.

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