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President Trump’s reported pick to join Federal Reserve Board sends Twitter into overdrive

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The one and only Herman Cain, the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO who captivated the country with his eccentric bid for the presidency in 2012, may soon be making a return to the spotlight — and everyone’s weighing in.

According to insider sources who spoke with Bloomberg, the 73-year-old businessman visited with President Donald Trump at the White House on Wednesday and, more notably, is reportedly being considered by the president for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board.

Given Cain’s history as a bit of an idiosyncratic guy — one just like Trump, who too has a vibrant personality and great sense of humor —  you can imagine the type of hateful rage this announcement provoked from the perpetually angry, humorless left on social media.

Cain, whose name quickly started to trend on Twitter, is perfectly qualified.

“Cain had a long corporate career and is also familiar with the Federal Reserve system. From 1992 to 1996, he served as a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, as well as deputy chairman and then chairman,” Bloomberg notes.

The president has complained frequently about the Federal Reserve Board of Governors — which currently contains two vacant seats — over its policy decisions, which he usually opposes.

Just last month he lashed out at the board over its plans to raise interest rates, saying, “They’re raising interest rates too fast because they think the economy is so good.”

While it’s unclear whether Cain’s lone voice would be enough to spur a policy change at the Federal Reserve, it’s known his vision for America coincidences closely with that of the president.

During the presidential election seven years ago, his plan to simplify all taxes with a “9-9-9” plan earned him praise from those who believe reduced taxes spur economic growth and mockery from the Democrat Party leftists who think taxing businesses to death is the real key.

Learn more about his plan below:

Like the president, Cain is a successful businessman who understands what businesses need to thrive and what they likewise don’t need, i.e., overburdensome regulations, exorbitant taxes, etc.

And like Trump, the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO knows what it feels like to be smeared with false allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct, or what Cain calls “character assassination.”

He ultimately dropped out of the 2012 presidential race — and long before the GOP primary — primarily because of sexual harassment allegations that he continue to deny to this day.

Not surprisingly, the left has already seized on these still-unproven allegations.


But the left-wing media have very little room to talk, given as they’ve been silent about House Democrats’ refusal to deny raises to federal employees who’ve been disciplined for sexual misconduct. It’s also very likely they don’t even know, as these kinds of reports get buried by the liberal media:


Granted, hypocrisy and double standards are and have always been left-wing strong suits.

Despite all the complaints about the announcement, there was some fun and frolic to be found among those social media users who still have a sense of humor. To them, the announcement served as the perfect incentive to recall some of Cain’s more outlandish statements and ads.


Those were good times, and it looks like those good times may soon be coming back.


Vivek Saxena


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