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Nick Sandmann’s lawyer posts an update, officially puts media on notice: ‘We will be relentless’

nick sandmann maga hat lawyer lin wood
Nick Sandmann’s barracuda lawyer, L. Lin Wood, vows to hunt down the media that recklessly defamed his teen client. (File photos)

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L. Lin Wood ― the high-profile attorney of MAGA hat-wearing teen Nick Sandmann ― promises that justice will be served for his teen client, who was viciously smeared by the media over an encounter with Native American activist Nathan Phillips.

Wood’s colleague, Todd V. McMurtry, said Sandmann’s legal team sent out its first round of document preservation letters to several national media outlets. “We have put them on notice!” he warned.


Fake News Fueled Barrage of Death Threats

Lin Wood vowed to aggressively hunt down every major press outlet that recklessly pushed the lies about his client with no regard for his reputation or his safety.

“We will be relentless in our pursuit of justice for Nick. This is not a threat ― this is a fact,” Wood told Big League Politics.

“The members of the mob who falsely attacked or threatened Nick Sandmann should be on notice that his attorneys will identify them and will take aggressive legal action against them to achieve full accountability for their wrongdoing and willful mistreatment of this young man.”

Nick and his classmates at the Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky were barraged with death threats as a result of the fake news promoted by the liberal media.

In addition, the Covington high school had to temporarily shut down due to a bomb threat. All because the media were so eager to use a teenage boy to launch a proxy attack on President Trump and his supporters ― their real targets.

Media: MAGA Hat + White Male = Villain

As BizPac Review reported, the left-wing press rabidly pushed the fake news that Sandmann had approached and bullied Native American activist Nathan Phillips.

The false narrative immediately circulated around the world, with many celebrities and members of the media taunting the teen on Twitter and Instagram. Some backpedaled once an unedited video proved their false narrative wrong.

Apparently, this all happened because Nick had the audacity to wear a MAGA hat, which instantly marked him as prey for the media, according to their usual formula:

  • MAGA hat + White + Male = Villain.

Litigator: I Will Teach the Lying Media a Lesson

Lin Wood says while his immediate goal is to get justice for his client, his other aim is to put the media on notice that they will not get away with maliciously lying about people.

“While our focus is to seek redress for the damage wrongfully inflicted upon Nick, we hope that a byproduct of our efforts for Nick will be to effectuate a sea change in how people in our society treat each other, especially when our children are involved.

Nick is not the first victim of a premature rush to judgment based on false information, personal or political agendas, rumors and speculation.

Hopefully, through our efforts for Nick and the efforts of an army of individuals and entities who support him and the rule of law, a lesson will finally be learned.

As BizPac Review reported, in October 2018, Lin Wood urged Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to sue the countless media outlets that knowingly published false rumors that he was a gang rapist ― without a scintilla of evidence.

“In an accusation so heinous as to accuse this good man of being complicit in gang rape, indecent exposure, and sexual assault…doing nothing is unacceptable,” Wood said. “The message should be sent: There needs to be accountability.”

Nick Sandmann’s lawyer will file “hundreds of lawsuits” against lying anti-Trump media

Samantha Chang


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