James Woods and Twitter ask: ‘So, where’s Ruth? Askin’ for a nation. Seriously though…#WheresRuth’

With headlines dominated by reports of the government shutdown, migrant caravans approaching the U.S. border and the volatile situation in Venezuela, some topics seem to have faded into the background.

But new hashtags on social media platforms like Twitter have seen some trending as people began to question the whereabouts of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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The absence of the 85-year-old Supreme Court justice from the public eye has many, like conservative actor James Woods, wondering #WheresRuth?

Ginsburg’s last in-person appearance when she heard arguments at the Court was on December 6, after fracturing her ribs in a fall the previous month. Later in December, Ginsburg underwent surgery to remove two cancerous growths from her lung. As the new year arrived, the ailing justice then missed Supreme Court arguments for the first time in her 26 years on the Court, sending the left into a panic that she could soon retire, leaving President Trump with an opportunity to appoint his third Supreme Court justice.

Fox News added to the meltdown when a graphic aired last week incorrectly stated the justice had died.

Apologies were issued for the “technical error in the control room,” but one couldn’t ignore the fact that a graphic is even available as if on stand-by.

Naturally, the assurances that Ginsburg is recovering well and working from home have not been enough to assure liberals who are now demanding proof that RBG is alive and well, launching the hashtags #WheresRuth and #ProofOfLife.

Some have even questioned if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delaying the State of the Union address by Trump could be related to keeping attention away from what could be Ginsburg’s empty seat at the event.

Twitter users flooded the platform with the burning question even as Ginsburg’s scheduled events have been canceled while she recuperates.

Frieda Powers


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