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Pelosi’s approval rating went down more than Trump’s during shutdown, but guess who buried that news?

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A new poll revealed the effect of the government shutdown on the approval ratings of Rep. Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump.

But it was the Speaker of the House who felt her popularity plummet during the 35-day shutdown that ended last week when Trump announced a temporary deal to reopen the government.

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A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll revealed that Pelosi’s approval rating dropped 6 points while the president experienced ratings that had changed little since November. There was a significant 19-point difference in Pelosi’s favorability, with only 28 percent of Americans rating the California Democrat as favorable, and 47 percent rating her as unfavorable.

While voters did hold Trump accountable for the partial government shutdown, the 3-point drop in his ratings were not as devastating as expected.

According to The Hill:

Trump’s overall 43-percent approval rating is, according to Gallup Poll, roughly on par with President Barack Obama’s 49 approval rating during the same week just two years into his presidency.

This comes after a Rasmussen Poll also showed that 40 percent of Americans actually blamed congressional Democrats for the shutdown.


Naturally, reports on the poll from the mainstream media focused generally on Trump’s approval ratings and failed to mention any of Pelosi’s negative polling.

NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker declared that the “historic standoff” was “hurting the President politically,” during Monday’s “Today” show. Welker reported that Trump was “feeling the heat after conceding to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a shutdown showdown over his border wall.”

“According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 50 percent of respondents blame Mr. Trump for the stalemate,” she added, touting the number without ever citing the president’s positive rating was up from 37 percent in December to 39 percent.

Rather than point out Pelosi’s ratings, Welker declared the Speaker was being “praised by Democrats for her strength.”

“It’s all energizing Democrats as the race for 2020 heats up,” she concluded.

Twitter users were not buying the media’s spin on the polling, and the selective reporting.

Frieda Powers


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