Pelosi’s approval rating went down more than Trump’s during shutdown, but guess who buried that news?

A new poll revealed the effect of the government shutdown on the approval ratings of Rep. Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump. But it was the Speaker […]

US Congressman wants reporter sued after misunderstanding figure of speech

Jason Hopkins, DCNF Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar called for a local reporter to get sued after appearing to take a figure of speech in her article […]

Half of America doesn’t have confidence Mueller’s report will be fair or unbiased

Hanna Bogorowski, DCNF The majority of Americans support congressional Democrats’ calls to investigate President Donald Trump’s past communication and financial ties with Russia, but half of them […]

Catholic leaders call for excommunication of Gov. Cuomo over extreme abortion, but NY Archbishop says ‘what’s the use?’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Catholic, joined with state lawmakers last week to celebrate the passage of an abortion bill that legalizes abortion up until the […]

Hundreds of BuzzFeed staffers are demanding checks for paid time off after getting laid-off

Tim Pearce, DCNF Hundreds of current and former BuzzFeed employees are demanding the media company pay recently laid-off staff for paid-time-off they accrued before being laid-off from […]

Kamala Harris made her first campaign speech all about race

Molly Prince, DCNF Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris ceremonially kicked off her 2020 presidential campaign Sunday with a speech that focused on racism and police brutality. “Let’s […]

Border Patrol wives invite Nancy Pelosi for visit: ‘We’d also appreciate if you’d stop pretending that you care about federal workers’

The wives of Border Patrol agents have extended an invitation to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to come see the U.S. southern border with her own eyes. Two of […]

WaPo claims Trump shows off Clinton and Lewsinsky sex spots, dumps on Obama in animated WH tour

The media is relentless when it comes to denigrating President Donald Trump, not that inquiring minds wouldn’t be curious about some things, given the scandalous circumstances. Citing […]

DCCC email calls for ‘MASSIVE uprising’ citing concerns Trump is about to ‘retaliate against Mueller’

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is calling for an “uprising” by voters to protect special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation in light of the latest developments. In an […]

Trump, in full campaign mode, grinds up Starbucks CEO’s presidential dreams, mocks him over rent payment

President Donald Trump appears to be in prime campaign trim, given his response to former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz telling “60 Minutes” Sunday night that he may […]

People with disabilities are coming back into the workforce thanks to Trump’s economy

Grace Carr, DCNF Disabled persons are entering the workforce as overall unemployment rates drop and companies consider an expanded pool of potential job applicants for entry-level and […]

Trump admin moves to reverse Obama regs, protect religious freedom of foster care providers, adoptive parents

President Donald Trump’s administration moved to protect the freedom of religious foster care providers facing  “burdensome regulations” from his predecessor. Adoption and foster care agencies threatened by regulations put […]