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Mitt Romney and five other Republican senators voted against funding the border wall

mitt romney won't fund border wall
Utah Senator Mitt Romney voted against funding the border wall and in favor of Democrats’ open-borders agenda.

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Utah Senator Mitt Romney joined five other “Republican” senators in voting against funding President Trump’s border wall.

In a move that surprised exactly no one, Romney voted in favor of a Democrat funding bill that excluded money for a border wall.

The other GOP defectors included:

  • Lamar Alexander of Tennessee
  • Susan Collins of Maine
  • Cory Gardner of Colorado
  • Johnny Isakson of Georgia
  • Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

Dems Want to Negotiate But Pelosi Won’t Let Them

As it is, neither the Republican nor the Democrat-backed bill passed amid the ongoing partisan stalemate.

The GOP-backed bill failed 50-47, while the Democratic measure failed 52-44, the Daily Caller reported. The funding bills require 60 votes to pass.

By caving in to Democrats’ open-borders agenda, Senator Susan Collins of Maine opted for a short-term bandage over a long-term solution to the border crisis.

“This shutdown, the longest in our history, must come to an end,” Collins said on the Senate floor Thursday (Jan. 24). “It has already caused far too much harm to 800,000 dedicated federal employees and their families.”

Many Democrat lawmakers have expressed a willingness to negotiate in good faith with President Trump to fund the wall. But Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ― the highest-ranking Democrat in the US ― won’t let them.

In fact, 30 Democrats urged Pelosi to give Trump a vote on wall funding if he re-opens the government.

Dems Supported Border Fence ― Until Trump

As BizPac Review reported, many Democrats (including Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Hillary and Bill Clinton) were in favor of immigration reform and border fencing until as recently as 2015.

Once Trump took office in 2017, the entire Democrat Party did an about-face and slammed the wall as “immoral” and racist.


Yesterday, President Trump blasted Senator Chuck Schumer for being a henpecked puppet controlled by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. After all, Schumer has long opposed illegal immigration and supported a border fence.

Trump Has Authority To Declare National Emergency

Meanwhile, President Trump is reportedly considering declaring a national emergency to build the wall.

Contrary to the media narrative, Trump has broad authority — guaranteed under the US Constitution — to safeguard national security. Accordingly, he has the discretion to declare a national emergency under the 1976 National Emergencies Act — which has been used by every president.

Mercedes Schlapp, the White House director of strategic communications, told Fox News that President Trump is definitely weighing the option to declare a national emergency to build the wall (video below).


Hell hath no fury like Mittens scorned.


“Build the wall and crime will fall.”

Thanks to open-borders Democrats, hundreds of illegal aliens are pouring across the US border every day and coming to your neighborhood.

Keep in mind that illegal immigration costs US taxpayers $113 billion a year. Moreover, some 5,000 Americans are murdered each year by illegal immigrants.

Reminder: Obama’s former border chief says MS-13 gangs laugh at how easy it is to sneak into US. Why? Because there’s no wall to stop them.


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