Trump accuses flip-flopping Schumer of being ‘strongly dominated’ by Pelosi on border wall: ‘He’s a puppet’

trump pelosi SOTU President Trump: Chuck Schumer is dominated by the radical left and is Nancy Pelosi's puppet.
President Trump: Chuck Schumer is dominated by the radical left and is Nancy Pelosi’s puppet.

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer needs to man up and stop being a henpecked sock puppet controlled by shrewish Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. That’s what President Donald Trump suggested after the Democrats refused to negotiate with him in earnest to end the government shutdown.

“Chuck Schumer, sadly, is dominated by the radical left and he’s dominated by Nancy Pelosi ― very strongly dominated,” Trump told reporters. “He can’t move. He’s a puppet. He’s a puppet for Nancy Pelosi. That’s what is happening.”

Nancy Won’t Let Democrats Negotiate

President Trump made the remarks amid the ongoing US government shutdown. Many Democrats, like Congressman Steny Hoyer, agree that a border wall is not “immoral” or ineffective and are willing to negotiate in good faith over wall funding.

However, Pelosi refuses to budge. And the entire Democrat Party has fallen in line behind their unreasonable Speaker of the House.


Many Dems Opposed Illegal Immigration Until Trump

As BizPac Review reported, Schumer supported border fences and immigration reform as recently as 2014.

However, the Democrat Party has now shifted radically to the left, and insists that walls are “immoral” and racist.

President Trump bemoaned the dramatic leftward shift of the Democrats, saying their prioritizing the needs of illegal aliens above Americans is destroying the country.

So it’s too bad with Nancy Pelosi, what she’s done. It’s radical Democrats. They’ve become a radicalized party. They’ve become a very dangerous party for this country.

We’re not going to let it happen to our nation. We are not going to allow the radical left to control our borders. Because if they do, you’ll see crime, you’ll see drugs, you’ll see human trafficking like you have never seen ever in the history of our country. So we’ll never left the radical left control our borders.

Nancy Won’t Tear Down Her ‘Immoral, Racist’ Walls

Meanwhile, Pelosi has not responded to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who challenged her to tear down the walls protecting her lavish California mansions, since she thinks walls are “immoral” and racist.

“Level them all! All of them. Make them flat!” Carlson urged. “Speaker Pelosi, tear down those walls!”

Democrats are more concerned with obstructing President Trump than making sure that furloughed government employees get paid this week.

Just yesterday, they voted to not pay federal workers. Let that sink in.

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