Second time in 2 weeks Pelosi, House Dems vote against GOP effort to get furloughed workers their paychecks

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On Wednesday congressional Democrats again voted down a GOP-led attempt in the House to pay furloughed federal employees while the ongoing government shutdown continues.

“Democratic leaders decided to call up a bill Wednesday to fund the entire government. But just before the final vote, Republicans made a motion to erase that bill and instead vote on a measure to ensure federal workers are paid. The GOP motion failed 200-215,” the Washington Examiner reported.

House Democrats voted the same way during a similar vote held last Thursday. Except according to official vote tallies, last time only six Democrats crossed the aisle to vote in favor of paying furloughed workers. This time that number increased sharply.

“Today, the number of Democrats joining us in our second attempt to pay federal workers jumped to 11 as more of them panic over Nancy Pelosi’s failed shutdown strategy,” House Republicans announced in a statement following the failed vote.

“This is further evidence of the Democrats’ refusal to work across the aisle to provide relief to the 800,000 federal workers. They are completely obsessed with telling this President ‘no,’ regardless of the damage it does to our country or individuals who just need to get paid.”

Just like the original vote, Wednesday’s failed vote received zero coverage from the mainstream media, which, as an ally of the left, seeks to portray the Democrats as noble people’s champions and the Republicans as selfish scrooges who only care about politics.

But as noted by an increasing number of Americans, the Democrats’ behavior throughout the shutdown — including their obstinate refusal to even negotiate with President Donald Trump — strongly suggests that they are the ones who only care about politics.

They specifically only care about the politics of scoring points against the president:

“For weeks, Democrats have falsely attempted to pass blame to Republicans for federal workers missing their paychecks, but now Speaker Pelosi and her caucus are nowhere to be found when it comes to actually voting to pay these same workers,” House Minority Whip Steve Scalise said in a statement Wednesday.

“Just days ago, Speaker Pelosi outright rejected the President’s offer to reopen the government before she even had the chance to hear it,” he added.

True. Last weekend the president proposed a compromise that called for Democrats agreeing to approve $5.7 billion in funding for a southern U.S. border wall in exchange for him granting extended temporary protections to the Democrats’ beloved DACA and TPS recipients.

Yet in a statement published to Twitter minutes before he announced the compromise, Pelosi flat-out said the deal was a no-go:


“Democrats are all talk. They won’t vote to secure our border. They won’t vote to pay displaced federal workers. They’re so committed to their open-border agenda that they have repeatedly voted to deprive federal workers of their paychecks just to send a message to the President,” Scalise’s statement continues.

“The government has been shut down for 33 days yet Speaker Pelosi offers no solutions or paths forward. The American people deserve better.”

Instead of offering solutions, Democrats have spent the past month virtue-signaling nonstop about furloughed federal workers, all while they block every attempt to pay said workers.

The hypocrisy is telling to many:


Vivek Saxena


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