‘Fact-checked’! Kirsten Powers ‘quits Twitter’ after folks hold her accountable for spreading Covington smears


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Kirsten Powers, a former Fox News political analyst who transformed almost overnight into a far-left zealot when she began providing commentary to CNN two years ago, has apparently deleted the Twitter app on her phone due to alleged harassment from supporters of the Covington kids.

“Every day I get up and say ‘no more Twitter’ and somehow end up back here. I always regret it. Deleting the app now,” she whined in a Twitter post, ironically enough, Wednesday afternoon.

While she cited no specific reason for her abrupt departure, previous tweets from earlier in the day showed her complaining about “orchestrated harassment campaigns against journalists.”

These complaints were ridiculed and torn apart by Twitter users, including her former colleague at Fox News, Guy Benson, as well as Meghan McCain’s husband, Ben Domenech.


Does she really know the difference, though? Some think not, especially in light of how she had joined the mob in tarring and feathering the Covington Catholic High School boys who were filmed last weekend standing up to the harassment of a black hate group and a fake “war hero.”

Ever since the incident occurred and the media subsequently began smearing the boys with false accusations of racism and bigotry, Kirsten had been riling up the mob with her own flurry of false accusations against the 15- to 17-year-old high school boys.

In one particularly foul and patently false accusation, the CNN commentator accused the boys of referring to one of their black classmates with the n-word.


Powers also accused the boys of possessing so-called “white privilege.”

Because of all the pure nonsense she spewed, as well as how indignant she acted when called out for peddling falsehoods, few seem to take her complaints about harassment seriously.

Among her critics is conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, a woman who’s been threatened by far-left activists with rape and death for years, only to be dismissed afterward.

According to Malkin, what Powers interpreted as harassment was likely nothing more than her being “fact-checked” and “informed that she will be held accountable for false & defamatory statements.”


Others appear to agree:

Because of the media’s fake, defamatory news reports about the Covington boys, the kids have been hit with threats of being burned alive and sexually abused. Their school was likewise forced to shut down Tuesday. It finally reopened Wednesday, but only with a thorough police presence.

It’s unclear whether the alleged harassment faced by Powers has been severe enough to force her to contact local authorities and hire bodyguards.


Vivek Saxena


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