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Dan Bongino schools race-baiting bishop who called MAGA hat a racist symbol

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Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino schooled Bishop Talbert Swan for trashing the MAGA hat-wearing teens as racists

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino schooled Bishop Talbert Swan for trashing the MAGA hat-wearing teens from Covington Catholic High School as racists who deserve to have their lives destroyed.

“It’s like we live in a post-fact, bizarro-world universe,” Bongino said on Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham show. “You have a kid standing there with a MAGA hat… motionless, with a smile on his face, while an adult confronts the kid…What did these kids do wrong?”

Bongino was responding to Bishop Swan’s claims that Covington high school student Nick Sandmann bullying leftist Native American activist Nathan Phillips.


Media Caught Pushing Fake News Again

Unedited videos clearly show that Phillips approached the teenager ― not the other way around. Moreover, Nick did not utter any racist slurs while the Native American loudly banged his drum inches from Sandmann’s face.

Keep in mind that the media initially ran with the fake news that Sandmann was the aggressor. They backpedaled once an unedited video proved their false narrative wrong.

Bishop Swan insists that the Covington Catholic High School students had bullied and harassed Nathan Phillips.

Host Laura Ingraham chimed in:

“You are a man of the cloth. I know you don’t advocate violence.

And you agree ― I would imagine ― that standing there, even wearing a piece of clothing that people find objectionable, is not grounds threatening to kill them, to burn them, and destroy the lives.”

Swan retorted: “We completely agree that there is no excuse for anybody threatening to kill or burn or harm anyone…But I also condemn the type of behavior that I saw from those young men.”

trump supporter beaten
Trump supporters who wear MAGA hats in public are often harassed and brutally beaten. (Twitter)

The bishop also blasted the MAGA hat as a symbol of racism tantamount to the Ku Klux Klan hood. Swan huffed:

“It’s a piece of clothing that represents Donald Trump and everything that comes along with that. Donald Trump is an unrepentant racist.

The MAGA hat, to many, is representative of a Klan hood or other racist symbols.”

Bongino: ‘Dumbest Thing I Ever Heard’

Dan Bongino reacted by expressing disbelief at the emotional drivel being spouted by a supposed religious person.

“That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in seven years of doing cable news that ‘Make America Great Again’ ― by the way, a slogan used by Bill Clinton at times too ―  is racist? Are you serious?

So Donald Trump ― who gives you back more of your money, fought for school choice, has black unemployment at the lowest in modern American history ― if he’s a racist, then he’s the worst racist in American history.”

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