Shep Smith’s incurable TDS overcomes him on air: ‘For fact’s sake, the president shut down the govmnt’

It’s no secret that Fox News’ Shepard Smith dislikes President Donald Trump, but the ferocity in which he makes that clear is a key reason more and more viewers feel he sticks out like a sore thumb on the cable network.

On Tuesday, Smith asked Fox News’ chief White House correspondent John Roberts for any updates on the partial government shutdown, yet Smith seemed determined not allow the White House message to be the last word.

“Anything today from the White House on the shutdown, John?” he asked.

Roberts proceeded to speak of the bill that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was planning to bring to the floor of the Senate that included President Trump’s new plan that offers Democrats three years of additional protection for DACA recipients and for those in the country on temporary protected status in exchange for the $5.7 billion requested for a border wall.


“There’s no indication at this point that the President does have that support for it,” Roberts added. “But the White House is now stressing in the strongest way possible the importance of ending the shutdown and making the case that it’s now [Speaker] Nancy Pelosi who is keeping the Government from reopening.”

A clip of Mercedes Schlapp, the White House Director of Strategic Communications,  putting the onus on Pelosi is then played.

“The President has already given a very reasonable common-sense proposal to deal with this immediate crisis that we have on the border as well immediately open the Government,” Schlapp said. “It’s Nancy Pelosi who is absolutely stuck. Nancy Pelosi who is playing politics with the lives of our federal workers and with keeping our community safe.”

Coming back to Roberts, he reports that while some Democrats in the Senate and the House are open to the president’s proposal, they want to first reopen the government, then negotiate about border security.

“But the White House is concerned if they were to agree to reopen the government, the Democrats would suddenly say, ‘Border security? What border security?'”

Roberts sends it back to Smith, whose intent on getting the last word in on the issue by reminding viewers that Trump took ownership of the shutdown — never mind he did so last month and things have developed since then.

“John Roberts, live at the White House,” Smith said. “For fact’s sake, the President shut down the Government. He told the Democrats in the Oval Office that he would carry the mantle for it, that he would be proud to do it and that he wouldn’t blame the Democrats for it.”

And some question why a smarmy Shepard Smith is disliked by so many on the right?

Tom Tillison


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