Don Jr says 99% chance House Intel Dem is chief leaker, and he’d bet a lot of money on it

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President Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr, torched the media for their repeated promotion of anti-Trump fake news that end up blowing up in their faces.

Don Jr. says wishful thinking is not a substitute for real news, as evidenced by the sham BuzzFeed article published last week.

In that story, the left-wing outlet claimed President Trump had directed his former attorney, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress. There is no concrete evidence to back up this claim.

Moreover, Special Counsel Robert Mueller debunked the BuzzFeed report.

Don Jr: Wishful Thinking Is Not News

Don Jr. called out BuzzFeed, CNN, MSNBC and other liberal press outlets for rabidly pushing the false narrative even after the writers of the story backpedaled on some of their claims.

“They need it to be true,” Don Jr told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “They’ve been pushing this [Russia collusion] nonsense for two years. They’ve found nothing. If you’re not sure it’s true, don’t push it for 14 hours straight.”


Don Jr: Adam Schiff Has Repeatedly Leaked

Don Jr. also accused Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff of repeatedly leaking inaccurate details of his closed-door testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in order to damage the president.

Schiff is a ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee. He has vowed to investigate the allegations raised in BuzzFeed’s latest dubious story even though the claims have been debunked.

It’s likely he will call Don Jr back to testify again. Trump Jr. said Adam Schiff is merely harassing him because “he’s got nothing else.”

“There’s a 99.9% chance that he’s the guy that was leaking my testimony as I was testifying. I came out of testimony about 8 o’clock at night, and CNN is running [my] quotes from my testimony before the House Intelligence Committee from about noon on.

Since Schiff has never met a camera he didn’t love, I would bet a lot of money that it was him. I’ve done about 25 hours of testimony about a 20-minute meeting.

This has been the greatest witch hunt in American history. In two years, they haven’t found anything? The American people don’t take these people seriously anymore. They look at these people like jokers.”

Media Targeted White Catholic Teens

Don Jr. also trashed the media for advancing the false narrative that a group of MAGA hat-wearing teens had bullied a Native American activist named Nathan Phillips.

As BizPac Review reported, the unedited video shows that Phillips had approached the students ― not the other way around.

MAGA hat teen native american apologies

Moreover, Nick Sandmann ― a junior at Covington Catholic High School whom the media defamed ― never said anything to the Native American activist.

But Phillips went on CNN and lied, by claiming that Sandmann had shouted racist slurs at him and harassed him. The video evidence proves this is false.

Don Jr. called the press pile-on yet another example of liberal media malpractice.

“You had some Catholic schoolboys that were at a right-to-life march. They were wearing MAGA hats.

They had to pounce because the media wants that to be true. They want a bunch of nice, Catholic kids who happen to be white…to be the enemy.”

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