Ted Cruz gets to the core of why Dems refuse to negotiate on border wall with Trump — bingo!

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Sen. Ted Cruz revealed what he said is the real reason why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrat leadership refuse to negotiate with President Donald Trump to re-open the federal government.

Speaking to Blaze TV, Cruz was asked about Pelosi’s decision to postpone the State of the Union address while the government was shutdown and he offered the expected response, that Democrats do not want the president taking his case before the American people — a good sign that polling may suggest the Democrats’ stance is precarious.

But he began with a more astute observation, which is that Pelosi is “terrified” by the likes of Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and other hard-left members of the party — who can forget that AOC joined in on a protest taking place IN Pelosi’s office on her very first day on Capitol Hill.


“Nancy Pelosi is terrified, number one, of her extreme left-wing base. She is captive of them,” the Texas Republican said. “And number two, the position of congressional Democrats in the shutdown is objectively unreasonable.”

He went on to explain in 2013, “[Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer and every Senate Democrat voted in favor of  350 miles of border wall.”

“They have, right now, shut the government down to stop 234 miles of border wall,” Cruz added, saying he doesn’t know how they can explain that.

“That is incoherent,” he said.

“The honest answer, it’s not a substantive disagreement, they are terrified of their extreme left wing, who hates Trump,” Cruz concluded. “And that’s why we’re having the shutdown.”

Cruz’s observation mirrors a warning conservative actor James Woods recently made about the “most dangerous person in America.” That person being newly-elected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

As for Pelosi not wanting the State of the Union to go forward, the lawmaker explained it’s because the event will be “an enormous platform for the president to speak directly to the American people and she doesn’t want people focusing on the substantives of this issues.”

Cruz took a swipe at the media in commenting on Pelosi’ motivation.

“She wants their information to come from the mainstream media rather than come from the president,” Cruz opined.

He said the reason Pelosi wanted the cameras off during the “remarkable” Oval Office meeting earlier this month with the president is because “she didn’t want people then to see then that their position was objectively unreasonable.”

Here’s a quick sampling of the responses to Cruz’s remarks from Twitter:

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