Melania Trump sweeps in to help hubby share special photos on Twitter

President Trump was sorry that the American people were not able to see the “beauty and majesty” of the snow-filled scene at the White House on Sunday.

But First Lady Melania Trump soon resolved the problem.

“Wish I could share with everyone the beauty and majesty of being in the White House and looking outside at the snow-filled lawns and Rose Garden,” the president tweeted on a snow-filled afternoon from the White House.

“Really is something – SPECIAL COUNTRY, SPECIAL PLACE!” he added.

And while one could imagine the scene he described, the first lady soon provided the needed imagery, apparently showing her husband how it’s done.

The picturesque scenes showed snow-covered trees and the White House lawn, as well as the Washington Monument in the distance.

(Image: Twitter/Melania Trump@FLOTUS)
(Image: Twitter/Melania Trump@FLOTUS)


Others also captured the icy effects on the White House as a winter storm blanketed the region in several inches of snow this past weekend.

Trump’s snowy snapshot was appreciated by many Twitter users who thanked the first lady for sharing it.

Frieda Powers


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