Kellyanne throws down with another reporter at press gaggle: ‘That’ll keep you on your cable network’

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White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway called out Playboy White House correspondent and CNN analyst Brian Karem during a press gaggle on Monday for tweeting that “very few people like” Conway.

Karem, a Kool-Aid drinker if ever there was one, made the comment last week in defense of insufferable CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who Conway aptly called a “smart ass.”

Not only did Conway call attention to Karem’s “lie,” she suggested it would go far in helping him curry favor with CNN, a network that all but dedicates 24/7 coverage to destroying President Trump.


“I see I’m no longer your favorite person in the White House, which you said for such a long time,” Conway told Karem. “That’ll keep you on your cable network.”

“You know you are,” the reporter said with a laugh.

“Then you shouldn’t lie on Twitter,” she subtly replied, slaying the poor soul before he even knew it was coming.

Determined to get the last word, Karem shot back, “You all shouldn’t lie on Twitter.”

Given how Conway eviscerated Acosta last week, Karem may want to tread carefully.

Karem doesn’t seem to grasp that his initial response that Conway is still his favorite person supports her claim that he was being dishonest.

The quip from the Trump aide about Karem lying on Twitter can be seen in the tweet below:

You may recall that Karem, who competes with Acosta for the “biggest showboating clown,” was involved in a controversial incident last summer with White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

Forgetting he was a reporter, Karem screams at the mother of three for not having empathy for illegal alien children being separated from their parents.

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