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Texas border patrol says 96% of migrant traffic happens where there’s no fencing: ‘Come walk in my shoes,’ Dems.

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A South Texas Border Patrol official called for more fencing along the southern U.S. border.

Acting Chief of the Rio Grande Valley Sector Raul Ortiz told Fox News’ Pete Hegseth that the border wall is a necessity, pointing out that about 96 percent of the migrant traffic in the area happens where fencing is nonexistent.

Ortiz oversees about 500 miles of the southern U.S. border and qualifies as an “expert” on the subject of border crossings, noted Hegseth on “Fox & Friends” Friday.

He also tweeted a jab at CNN’s Jim Acosta over his mock-worthy report which even drew a “thank you” from President Donald Trump for accidentally promoting the effectiveness of walls.

A western and eastern corridor in South Texas are patrolled by his agents, Ortiz told Hegseth and the western side – which has no fencing – accounts for nearly all of the migrant foot traffic whereas the eastern side sees only about 4 percent of that traffic.

The eastern corridor used to be “the busiest area in the country” for illegal crossings in the 1990s, Ortiz said, noting that this was before the barrier was in place. He told Hegseth that he would like to see an additional 120 miles of fencing constructed in his sector, noting that along with more agents and technology, the deterrents can be effective  against “transnational criminal organizations.”

Mark Morgan, the former chief of the U.S. Border Patrol under former President Obama, has come out in support of Trump’s call for a border wall, declaring unequivocally that walls “absolutely work.”

Ortiz was able to speak to the president directly when he made the trip to the border on Thursday, saying he appreciated the president’s personal appearance while he scoffed at so-called experts in Washington, D.C. and the media who claim to know what conditions are really like on the ground.

“What I say to anyone who says we don’t need those things? Come walk in my shoes,” he said.

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