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Rep. Crenshaw obliterates Pelosi for peddling immigration ‘myth,’ then slaps her with a sobering question

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Newly elected Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw, an injured war veteran and former Navy SEAL made famous last year when a “Saturday Night Live” comedian mocked his eyepatch, would like to know if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ready to have a serious discussion about border security.

He shared the question to social media Wednesday after the contentious meeting at the White House that afternoon between President Donald Trump and congressional Democrat leaders.

During the meeting Pelosi reportedly kept yammering on and on about tunnels. According to her, the president’s desired southern U.S. border wall would be useless because criminal aliens could just tunnel underneath it like it’s the easiest thing on Earth to do.

Except that it takes far more time, money and resources to construct a tunnel than it does to simply sidle across the border, as noted by Crenshaw who didn’t mince words and mocked Pelosi’s weak argument into oblivion.


A “serious” discussion would be nice instead of the condescending tone coming from Pelosi who apparently believes Americans are fools. There were plenty more Twitter users who picked up where Crenshaw left off:

Crenshaw also blasted Pelosi and Dems on Fox News’ Hannity, saying he’d like to see them climb over a wall or through a tunnel:

Meanwhile, Twitter had a blast, mocking Pelosi for her failed logic. Though just to be clear, she’s not alone in trotting out ideas like this.

The left’s basic thesis is that because the border wall would not stop all illegal immigration (though the facts show it’d at least greatly reduce it), it’d be pointless to build it.

But as pointed out by many on social media, the logic makes no sense. Should banks stop storing money in safes because some people know how to crack safes? Should laws against murder be discarded since some evil people are going to commit murder anyway?

These were the sorts of questions that Twitter users posed:

What they’d also like to know is why, if walls are so useless, they’ve worked like a charm in Israel?



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