Pelosi-Schumer viewer numbers top Trump’s Oval Office address, but the joke is on them. Literally.

The liberal media pointed to early viewership numbers on President Donald Trump’s Oval Office address on the illegal immigration crisis to sell the idea that Americans were more interested in what Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer had to say.

What they don’t tell you is that if it’s true — the early numbers show more viewers during the Democratic response — it may be because of the sheer comedic value of the spot.

While President Trump set aside personality and ego to identify the problem, the obstacles (see Democrats) and the solution, the Schumer/Pelosi counter came across more like a Saturday Night Live skit — Schumer’s stink eye and furrowed brow was worthy of an Oscar on its own.

Fox Sports Executive Vice President Michael Mulvihill shared combined overnight ratings for the major networks in a series of tweets.

A slight uptick of .2 percent is seen in the Pelosi/Schumer response, but the pair had the benefit of following the president, who address was fairly short at just over 9 1/2 minutes — odds are good folks were still tuning in to see Trump only to find the two Democrats on the screen.

Mulvihill also noted that CNN and MSNBC had vastly higher numbers — 26 percent and 15 percent, respectively — for the Democratic response.

Regardless of what was motivating folks to tune in, the reaction on social media was comedy gold, and it all centered on Pelosi and Schumer, who had one task, not to “look crazy.”

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper got in on the fun, though he dared not comment and have the rabid Democrat base showing up on his doorstep as he’s tucking in for the night:

Outspoken conservative actor James Woods had perhaps the most compelling reply,  showing Pelosi and Schumer against a video backdrop of the chaos seen last month when hundreds of migrants stormed the southern border.

Here are a few other samples of some really funny lines from Twitter — sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying:

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