Geraldo and Bongino get into shouting match over wall: ‘Tell your friends Nancy and Chuckie to get their a** out of bed’

americans killed by illegal immigrants
Why don’t Democrats care that a border wall could have prevented the murders of these Americans?

Liberal pundit Geraldo Rivera and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino got into a volcanic shouting match while debating illegal immigration and the border wall on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show.

Hannity slammed Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for their cavalier approach to border-wall discussions, which led to the government shutdown.

“Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can’t show up for a meeting with the vice president?” Hannity asked. “They think it’s funny to offer $1 for the wall?…Tell your friends Nancy and Chuckie to get their *sses out of bed and show up!”

Hannity then ripped into Geraldo, who’s basically for open borders.

“How many people have to die?” Hannity asked. “It’s about saving lives! That’s not political — that’s life and death. That’s what the [national] emergency is about.”


Hannity continued: “What are they going to say to these parents of Pierce Corcoran that I just interviewed? Their son is dead…You always say it’s about both parties [being at fault], but it’s not. It’s about one party that refuses to protect the American people.”

Rivera responded by shouting: “It is grotesquely unfair to use these anecdotes to make a political argument!”

Oh, so Geraldo thinks the tragic, preventable deaths of Americans are merely trivial “anecdotes?”

americans murdered by illegal aliens
Geraldo Rivera says the murders of these Americans by illegals are trivial “anecdotes.”

Rivera — an apologist for illegal immigration — then claimed: “These people commit fewer crimes than US citizens commit. They make things safer and not more dangerous, according to the statistics.”

Huh? Illegal aliens are already breaking federal laws by being in the United States unlawfully. So their first act as in this country is to ignore its laws. If they ignore federal laws, why should anyone assume that they won’t break other laws?

Dan Bongino — the author of Spygate — underscored: “100% [of illegal immigrants] shouldn’t be here! If one of them goes out and kills someone, the parents aren’t interested in your college-level statistics. They are interested in the fact that the person shouldn’t be here. What are you not getting?!”

Geraldo, tell us more about how illegals “deserve the American Dream.”

“We don’t want them here, Geraldo!”

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