CNN in panic mode, radical ideas on how to thwart Trump’s address spew: Need text to ‘decide in advance what’s true’

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The liberal media is up in arms about President Donald Trump’s planned address to the nation and they are making outrageous demands in response.

Following the president’s announcement that he would be speaking directly to the American people via a televised speech on Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer issued their demand for equal air time for a rebuttal.

Other complaints poured in from the left as everyone seemed to have a problem with the nation’s leader actually speaking to the nation’s citizens.

Over at CNN, host Chris Cuomo – hardly a Trump cheerleader – seemed at a loss for words when his colleague Don Lemon offered his suggestion that the president’s speech should be “delayed” so that the network is not promoting “propaganda” that can’t be fact-checked before the clueless audience of American viewers has heard it straight from Trump’s mouth.

Viewers found Cuomo’s expression during Lemon’s appeal to be highly entertaining.

But, not to be outdone, on Tuesday morning’s “New Day,” CNN political commentator Joe Lockhart took things much further to the left, suggesting that instead of carrying the speech live, the networks should get Trump’s speech text ahead, “and let us decide in advance what’s true.”

Despite the fact that the government is dragging into nearly three weeks of a partial shutdown which the mainstream media has consistently portrayed as an emergency, and the fact that Trump has never before asked for airtime to address the nation, Lockhart believes the president should not be given the opportunity to do so.

“So you have a national emergency based on fiction, and that’s the problem for putting this on the air,” the former spokesman for President Clinton said.

“There are real issues about — and I think the networks, I hope, struggled yesterday with the decision to put this on. Because he consistently hasn’t told the truth. And someone’s got to fact-check that,” he said.

“If I were a network executive, which I’m not, I wouldn’t put this on live. I would let him give the address and I’d look at it and find out, what’s true, what’s not,” Lockhart recommended.  “Or I’d say: give me the text in advance. Let us decide in advance what’s true, what’s not. Because we shouldn’t be using our public airwaves for someone to spew more of these lies.”

Co-host John Berman attempted to clarify and counter Lockhart’s remarks.

“To be clear, there’s no precedent for that. There’s no precedent for the networks getting the presidential text beforehand and then deciding whether it’s true or not.” he said.

And they wonder why Trump calls them the “enemy of the poeple.” Raised eyebrows and angry reactions followed from Twitter users.

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