Dem congressman finds it impossible to answer why Pelosi called border wall ‘immoral’

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Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., found himself wishing Speaker Nancy Pelosi would have sent a memo explaining her talking point about a border wall being “an immorality.”

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Cicilline was asked specifically about Pelosi’s claim by host Chris Wallace.

“I’m not asking why it’s ineffective or why you think the money could be spent better,” Wallace said. “But the speaker keeps saying the wall is immoral. There’s a wall or fence around the White House and people build walls around their homes. Why is a border wall immoral?”


“I think what the speaker is saying is that we believe in securing our borders,” Cicilline replied, reaching for the answer to a question he didn’t have. “[Congress] appropriated $1.7 billion over the last two years for border security. The department has spent less than six percent.”

Wallace failed to mention that there are miles of barriers in place along the southern border, or ask if Democrats are going to demand the removal of these “immoralities,” but he did press on why Pelsoi believes a border wall is immoral.

And Cicilline simply didn’t know the thought process of his party’s leader.

After deferring to Pelosi to provide that answer, he gave it his best swing and went on to answer the question Wallace said he wasn’t asking, that being how the money could be better spent.

“I think that’s a question the speaker has to answer,” the lawmaker told Wallace. “But what she means by that is it does not reflect our values as a country. That America is a place that welcomes refugees and immigrants and people fleeing violence and war.”

(Democrats have become experts at dictating to America what our values are, and with conflating illegal immigration with legal ways of entering the country.)

“But I think the real point of that, the rest of her sentence, is that it’s not cost-effective, it doesn’t achieve the objective,” Cicilline said.

“Democrats are committed to securing our borders but we have voted to secure our borders and have appropriated significant resources to do it, but let’s use technology, let’s use drones, let’s use satellite, let’s use cargo inspections which aren’t happening, let’s do things that will actually secure the border.”

The response ignores the fact that Border Patrol agents tasked with protecting the border say unequivocally that walls and barriers are highly effective.

That Wallace pressed here was inconsistent with the stance he took in a fiery interview with White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

Wallace was unperturbed about terrorists potentially crossing our porous southern border, focusing instead on those being hurt by the partial government shutdown — a prescribed liberal media narrative.

So much so that viewers had to think he has taken a side in the impasse.

Tom Tillison


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