New Dem Rep. Ilhan Omar touts ‘1st Palestinian-American’ in Congress; GOP Rep. Amash cuts in…not so fast

When not engaged in vulgar attacks on President Donald Trump, the newly elected class of Democrats, which includes a fair representation from a generation raised on participation trophies, has been busy congratulating themselves.

On their very first day.

Patting themselves on the back for alleged diversity, which excludes any diversity of thought, as that is strictly forbidden in today’s Democratic Socialist Party, the party’s freshman class has been vocal online, as seen in a tweet from Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn.

Omar, a Somali-American and one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, listed all the non-white male members, noting the other Muslim woman, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., was the “1st Palestinian-American” in the House of Representatives.

Except she isn’t.

Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich, did a little fact-checking on Omar’s tweet, informing her that his fatherPalestiniannian, which makes Amash the first Paletinian-American to serve in Congress.

Naturally, being a Republican, the media has no interesting in broadcasting this little detail.

As for diversity, bear in mind that Rep. Tlaib, an open democratic socialist, sparked major controversy on her very first day in office Thursday when she told supporters “we’re going to impeach the motherf–ker,” speaking of President Trump.

As for Omar, she’s no stranger to controversy, as we are reminded in a tweet from Stoneman Douglas student Kyle Kashuv, who shares her views on Israel.

But then, that she may be an anti-Semite is only the beginning of the controversy that surrounds Omar, as The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra shared that allegations have been made that the newly elected Democrat married her brother.

Saavedra linked to a November 2018 PJ Media article detailing the wild accusation.

Omar faced dogged claims during her campaign that she had married her brother, in part to commit immigration fraud.

She issued a statement in 2016 saying the allegations “are absurd and offensive,” according to The Associated Press.

The news agency reported that Omar “broadly denied the allegations” in a statement to them, saying she “declined to provide documents or answer specific questions when pressed.”

Omar was just in the news a few weeks ago for mocking Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian faith.

Yes, today’s Democrat Party is something to behold. The question being, is this who we are as Americans?

Tom Tillison


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