Don Jr. still can’t get over Elizabeth Warren’s beer drinking stunt. Comes up with the perfect zinger

(Image: screenshot)

Donald Trump Jr. zinged Sen. Elizabeth Warren in an epic tweet over her contrived beer-drinking livestream video.

The president’s eldest son reacted to Warren’s attempt to be “woke” in her Instagram video, mocking the 69-year-old Massachusetts Democrat while applauding whoever “is advising her.”

The potential 2020 presidential contender, dubbed “Pocahontas” by President Donald Trump because of her claims of Native American ancestry, seemed to want to appeal to viewers and potential voters in her video attempt. Hours after announcing she was forming an exploratory committee to consider a presidential run in 2020, she launched what was supposed to look like a spontaneous Instagram livestream.

A low-energy Warren spoke about her decision, talked with her husband and even cracked open a beer in the video.

Trump Jr.’s tweet referred to Warren’s infamous DNA test that confirmed, to her chagrin, that she was somewhere between 1/64 and 1/1,024 Native American – a result that earned her even more mockery.

Twitter users joined Trump Jr.’s ridicule and some even noted a questionable item in the background of Warren’s video.

Frieda Powers


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