‘No words’: Kentucky cops with a sense of humor grieve over Krispy Kreme doughnuts lost in truck fire

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has given some Kentucky police officers a reason to “hope” in the New Year.

The doughnut company has offered to deliver some freshly baked treats to the Lexington Police Department after a viral tweet showed officers heartbroken over the loss of a truckload of doughnuts, Fox News reported.

(Image: Lexington Police Department/Twitter)

While the driver of a Krispy Kreme doughnut truck safely escaped the flames that eventually engulfed his truck on New Year’s Eve, the doughnuts inside were unable to be saved.

Lexington Police officers who were at the scene decided to have some fun after things got under control, posting photos of downcast police lamenting the loss of sugary goodness.

“No words,” the caption read.

But the doughnut company turned the tragedy into triumph, telling the officers that “more doughnuts” would soon be coming.

Fresh doughnuts were scheduled to be delivered to the officers Wednesday morning, Krispy Kreme told Fox News. And the Lexington Police Department responded to the message with one of “hope.”

No word yet on whether the delivery has been made, but Twitter users found the humor in the toasty New Year’s story.

Many couldn’t help but add to the “donut” puns.

And police officers across the nation quickly responded to Lexington PD’s post, feeling their colleagues’ pain.

Frieda Powers


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