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Nancy Pelosi’s daughter: My mother will ‘cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding’

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The daughter of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi offered an interesting and somewhat disturbing description of her mother.

Speaking with CNN’s “New Day” about Pelosi’s planned meeting to discuss the government shutdown with President Donald Trump, Alexandra Pelosi lauded her mother’s negotiating skills.

The potential incoming House Speaker is set to meet with Trump and leaders at the White House on Wednesday as the partial government shutdown continues with neither side seeming to want to budge. The shutdown, which began on Dec. 22, has been stalled over the dispute between Trump and Congress over the president’s requested funding for his wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Pelosi hopes to get Republicans on board with an interim bill to get the government fully operating again, warning that their failure to agree will make the GOP lawmakers “fully complicit in chaos and destruction of the President’s third shutdown of his term.”

In a CNN panel discussion about the impending meeting, Pelosi’s daughter warned that those who think to oppose the California Democrat.

“She’ll cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding,” filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi said.

“No one ever won betting against Nancy Pelosi,” she added. “You’ve got to give her credit, no matter what you think of her.”

Going on to note that this was not her mother’s “first rodeo,” having “endured” other administrations before Trump’s, the lawmaker’s daughter assured the CNN hosts that Pelosi has “been through it all.”

“She knows what she’s doing and that should make you sleep at night knowing that at least somebody in this town know’s what they’re doing,” she said.

The rather graphic character trait shared by the younger Pelosi raised collective eyebrows on Twitter.

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