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‘We are being overwhelmed’: Border agent describes ‘unprecedented’ immigration crisis, says ‘walls’ work

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A Border Patrol agent provided a no-nonsense view of what officers are up against on a daily basis in the fight to secure the U.S. border.

San Diego Sector Deputy Chief Border Patrol Agent Roy Villareal spoke with Fox News’ Todd Piro about the dire situation on Monday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends as the government shutdown drags on.


“If you watch cable news, or really any news, you have individuals dressed up in suits talking about what needs to happen on the border,” Piro said. “I feel that does the nation a disservice because we are not there on the front lines. Describe the situation that you are experiencing on a day in and day out basis.”

“The situation at the border is unprecedented,” Villareal replied.

“In my 30 years of working for the Border Patrol, I’ve never witnessed the situation that we’re faced with today. We are being overwhelmed with migrants, principally, family units and children, and then people that are from countries other than Mexico,” he added.  “In the first time in the Border Patrol’s history, the majority of our arrests are what we call other than Mexican nationals, people from China, Bangladesh, India, and then of course, Central America.”

Piro asked what resources agents need to get the job done, minus the politics wrapped up in the border wall issue.

“What we need along the border is a border enforcement system – there is no singular solution,” Villareal admitted.

“What we need is a combination of factors: a border infrastructure, roads that provide access to the border, technology, ground sensors, night vision cameras, drones, and then, of course, wall or fencing to secure the border,” He explained.

“It is a comprehensive system. It is complex and multifaceted. What we need is an entire border enforcement system,” Villareal reiterated.

Piro asked the Border Patrol agent to clarify how such a wall or structure would help.

“After 30 years of working in border enforcement I can attest to the fact that the walls, border fences do work,” Villareal replied, noting that in his experiences, the structures have a “dramatic impact” on the flow of illegal immigration and bring “control” to the border.

Asked what he thinks of proponents of a wall structure being deemed racist by critics, Villareal was blunt.

“The wall doesn’t see color. It doesn’t see nationality,” he said.

“It’s designed as a border security structure. It’s designed to provide a delineation of the border,” he concluded.

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