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Don Lemon slobbers over Michelle Obama days: ‘We miss that class’ that money can’t buy

don lemon new years eve 2018 drunk
CNN hack Don Lemon: “Everyone wants to see Don Lemon get lady-lit!”

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CNN pundit Don Lemon wistfully gushed that he misses having Michelle Obama as first lady during a drunken rant on CNN’s New Year’s Eve special.

“We miss that class,” Lemon cooed while sipping alcohol from a plastic cup with a straw. “You can’t buy class, no matter how much money you have.”

Lemon then name-dropped by claiming he “knows” the Obamas because he used to be a local news anchor in Barack Obama’s former hometown of Chicago.

“They are really who they are,” Lemon reminisced. “She is the one in the family who’s the best…I got to get a refill on my drink.”


Speaking of class, remember when a drunken Don Lemon got his ear pierced on live TV during CNN’s 2017 New Year’s Eve special?

Yes, we definitely miss Michelle Obama’s class.

Remember when she said all Americans feel hopeless now that Donald Trump is president? That’s funny — millions of people never got the memo.

Remember when Michelle Obama claimed Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election because women are catty and self-hating?

We miss that death stare.


And the fashion…


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