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Man wanting to become a firefighter SUES NY Fire Dept after repeatedly failing physical exam

A man is suing the New York Fire Department for allegedly discriminating against him in his effort to become a firefighter, even though he failed the physical […]

‘We are being overwhelmed’: Border agent describes ‘unprecedented’ immigration crisis, says ‘walls’ work

A Border Patrol agent provided a no-nonsense view of what officers are up against on a daily basis in the fight to secure the U.S. border. San […]

‘My eyes’! The left’s latest effort to redefine masculinity with all-male cheerleaders gets noticed for all the wrong reasons

Masculinity is fast becoming a casualty in the progressive left’s quest to stamp out the perceivedevils of patriarchy in America. Just as they have become accustomed to […]

Alyssa Milano promotes fundraiser for illegal immigrant days after ripping border wall donors for ignoring veterans

  Social media erupted in widespread outrage over the weekend when virulently left-wing actress Alyssa Milanoposted a tweet urging users to donate money to help an […]

‘Fox & Friends’ rips Warren’s ‘inauthentic’ attempt to be ‘one of the people’… will only work to Trump’s advantage

Sen.Elizabeth Warren’s lack of “authenticity” in her attempt tobe “one of the people”may actually end up working in President Donald Trump’s favor. Washington Times opinion editor Charles […]

Republican National Committee rips Elizabeth Warren as a ‘total fraud’

Henry Rodgers, DCNF Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called Sen. Elizabeth Warren a “total fraud” Monday, the day the Massachusetts Democrat announced she was forming […]

Parkland father goes off on Trump, accuses him of putting the Obamas in danger. But, did he?

No one can know the pain a parent experiences when their child is taken from them in their prime by a crazed gunman loing to cause havoc, […]

Ocasio-Cortez suspiciously quiet on whether she’s taking a salary after Congressional furlough lecture

Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be giving her supporters an earful of what they want to hear, but many are wondering if her words hold any personal weight. […]

Defense Dept. apologizes, deletes New Year’s tweet about dropping something much bigger than Time Square ball after people freak out

A tweet by a Defense Department agencythat seemed to beabout dropping bombs simultaneously sparked outrage and applause for the military on New Year’s Eve. A CNN panel […]

Host plays Nancy Pelosi in Fox News’ New Year’s skit: ‘I’m in touch with the regular little stinky dirt people’

Fox Business Network, and occasionalFox News host, Kennedy paired up with Pete Hegseth to co-host the network’s “All American New Year” live from Times Square and she […]

Trump’s savage one-liner was hilarious as Warren’s first presser answers question of how she’ll deal with Indian heritage

  President Donald Trump’s got jes — good ones, at that. During an interview late Monday evening with the president, Fox News host Pete Hegseth asked Trump […]

Mexican president fighting illegal immigration to US by cutting taxes, improving economy of own country

Jason Hopkins, DCNF Newly electedMexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador intends to curb immigration into the United States by economically developing his country’s northern states. Loprez Obrador […]

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