Hilarious, but heated debate ignites when folks ‘swear’ they hear Sesame Street’s Grover drop the f-bomb

The internet was confounded Thursday by a seemingly innocent video clip from a beloved Sesame Street character who many think dropped the f-bomb.

The furry blue Sesame Street character Grover sparked a heated debate over whether he did or didn’t say “that’s a f**king excellent idea” in a recent clip posted on Reddit.

Reminiscent of the “Yanny vs. Laurel” debate earlier this year which sparked endless disagreements over an audio clip, Grover’s remark could be heard one way or another as social media users weighed in.

“He’s saying ‘that sounds like an excellent idea,’” one person tweeted, with many agreeing.

But others insisted the lovable monster actually did use profanity.

To add to the confusion, others still insisted that they could hear both.

And some Twitter users felt the debate could go either way.

As the discourse continues, many agreed that it was just another item to add to the list of bizarre 2018 debates.

Frieda Powers


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